21 Common Objects With a Twist That Caught Our Attention

2 years ago

Sometimes, strange things happen right in front of our eyes. We have 2 options: to continue on our way as if nothing happened, or to quickly take out our cell phone and take pictures of the event. But why — just to store it in our photo gallery? No, sir. You think: “If this looked fantastic to me, it will look fantastic to the millions of people that are on social media too.” And you were probably right since, here we are, making an amazing compilation with some of the pictures you took from events that took us by surprise.

Bright Side can’t stop looking at these somewhat bizarre situations that occur in the world, and every time we find enough pictures worthy of your attention, we make a compilation that you can be just as amazed by as we were when we first saw them.

1. “Imagine my surprise and delight when I popped this photo out of its case to confirm that it is an ambrotype and found a lock of the woman’s braided hair hidden beneath.”

“Sometimes it’s a sign of a memoriam, but it could’ve been sent with a husband or boyfriend while he was at war to help him remember her.”

2. “How this pine tree grew around the palm tree”

3. “My wife has eyeliner I keep mistaking for a battery.”

4. “The way the shadow of my legos appeared on the couch in the evening”

5. “My grandma’s Chinese teacups show a woman’s face when you put them against the light (from 2 different sets).”

6. “A bike for rainy weather”

7. “The way my pants landed when I dropped them on top of a vent”

8. “Dropped my earbud at the beach and it pulled iron out of the sand.”

9. “This sign at a local nature preserve has the words inverted so you can read it in the water.”

It reads: “THE POND”

10. “Half bottle, half can”

11. “My aunt has an ultra-wide microwave.”

12. “Unicorn-shaped corn holders”

13. “My bank sent me 64 copies of the same debit card.”

14. “A cloud dinosaur running across the sky”

15. “A carrot with a twist”

16. “Found this golden spider at my school”

17. “This pencil sharpener doesn’t remove the very center of the lead.”

18. “This perfectly round homemade pizza dough”

19. “These clouds showed up after some heavy rain.”

20. “My discount grocery store sells bulk M&Ms separated by color.”

21. “A frozen flower I found in Austin during the Texas winter storm”

Sometimes, we get to see eye-catching things but because we’re not fast enough, we can’t capture them. What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever seen that you didn’t get to in time or forgot to take a picture of? Have you actually taken a picture of something surprising? Share it with us!

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Please note: This article was updated in August 2021 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.


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