15 Times People Received Such Great Service They Had to Share Their Experience With the World

2 years ago

We use different services every day. In most cases, if we are happy with a service, we almost immediately forget about it. But some people do their job in such a creative way that we remember their service forever.

At Bright Side, we want to show a few of these instances. Perhaps they will inspire other customer service workers.

“My bunny and I arrived at a hotel that had a Michelin starred restaurant. They made him a welcome dessert.”

“The number of pillows my wife was given after requesting extra pillows.”

When you’re the most caring boss in the world:

This mall has a birthday parking place.

This Skittles vending machine lets you mix your own ratio.

This pizza place tells you the area of all their pizza sizes and how large they are compared to each other.

We bet this young father will return to this place driving his own car.

  • I was walking with my son sitting in a stroller. I went into a tire shop to pump up the tires. While a young technician was pumping them up, an older technician came in.
    “Have you come for your vehicle inspection?” (The young one laughed).
    “Yes, the stroller creaks on the bumps of the road, and the right wheel jars a bit,” I replied to his joke.
    The older technician smiled, and took a greaser and tools:
    “This guy shouldn’t have to drive a damaged car! Let’s see what you’ve got here.”
    He screwed something and dropped oil in a few places.
    “There! Like brand new now. Come in the spring for another vehicle inspection.”
    They didn’t take a cent from me and wished us all the best. Now the stroller doesn’t creak thanks to the technician. © Unknown / Pikabu

An umbrella vending machine in Japan

A perfect hairstylist

The bakery of everyone’s dreams

  • I decided to visit a bakery to buy some bread.
    “May I have something crispy like French bread?”
    “We have baguettes and ciabattas.”
    “I’ll take both.”
    “Will you finish baking them at home?”
    “What do you mean?”
    “They are fresh. To make them crispy, you have to bake them a bit.”
    “It’s okay, I’ll eat them like this.”
    “If you’d like, we can put them into the oven for 5 minutes. They’ll be exactly like you want.”
    “Errr... Okay.” (This was the first time I was offered something like that.)
    “Okay, wait a few minutes.”
    5 minutes later, she took out both loaves of bread that smelled divine and were remarkably crispy. I took the baguette and ciabatta in paper bags and went home. By the time I got home, the baguette had lost its both heels, and the ciabatta was half-gone. © APXuK / Pikabu

Barilla has an official Spotify account with a number of playlists that are named after types of pasta, and they play exactly as long as this type of pasta should be cooked.

“You can print out a short story at my local coffee shop. Read while you wait.”

“My local vet has a sign and candle for when someone’s saying goodbye to their pet.”

“In Saudi Arabia, they cover Coca-Cola cans with a lid to protect them. The Arabic quote on the lid means ’Don’t worry about it, we covered it for you.’”

“My friend is staying in a hotel in Belgium. They’ve offered her the option of renting a fish for the night, in case she’s lonely.”

Which service seemed the nicest to you? Tell us in the comments below.

Preview photo credit lotareva3 / Twitter


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Never seem strollers that need air in the wheels. Usually rubber or plastic through.


To many don't care about customer service. Its all about the most productivity for the less money spent. Here anyway. Asians know how to look after there own.


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