19 Photos That Can Make You Miss the Old Days and Crack Up With Laughter

2 years ago

All of us like to open photo albums from time to time and immerse ourselves in the world of old memories. We even bet photos on your phone don’t evoke the same feelings as the ones from school albums or childhood.

At Bright Side, we put together a new collection of photos that take us back to the past in a really funny way.

“12 vs 21!”

“Me in 1999, showing off my Phantom Menace boxers. Yes, my little brother is still that cool.”

“2003: the goths on a budget for a school dance”

“My eleventh birthday — I’m showing off my gifts, surrounded by all my friends.”

“I thought I was Arnold Schwarzenegger even though I was 125 pounds (I’m on the left).”

“At 12, this pose felt cooler than it ended up looking.”

“Class of ’89, every cliché in one shot, teen mustache included...”

“Senior prom — we thought we were so cool.”

“Why did I think this looked good?”

“I dressed up like a ’queen’ and thought it looked really cute.”

“Me in 2004, holding huge tomatoes in the newspaper”

“Was that really the best picture taken that day?”

“I’m 11 years old here, sporting a homemade haircut. Looking back at it, I understand why I kept getting confused for a girl.”

“My mom had to go to the supermarket after she picked me up from a convention.”

“I used to cut my own hair in high school. They called me ’a pyramid head.’”

“My fourteenth birthday — my Korn shirt and giant pants clearly had places to be.”

“It’s safe to say I was ready to steal everyone’s man on the first day of sixth grade.”

“Eighth-grade yearbook, circa 1997 — this particular style wasn’t cool back then either.”

“A family day out at Legoland at the start of my goth phase”

Bonus: “13-year-old me after discovering Photoshop in 2012. I thought this edit looked seamless.”

Show us your school or college photos from old albums!

Preview photo credit mistermajik2000 / Reddit


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and in a few years ppl will say: what TF were they thinking with all those tattoos.

2 years ago
This is so personal that we just can't show it to you.

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