My Husband Ruined Both of Our Lives by Asking Me to Serve Him a Bigger Lunch for Work

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A woman, 30, has shared her very bizarre story with us. Her husband was always hungry and asked her to serve him a double portion for lunch every day. The woman thought something was wrong with her cooking skills, she had many theories on why this all was happening. But one day, life brought her the answer to this question and it was something that the poor woman will never forget or forgive.

The woman sincerely wanted to take care of her husband.

Alyson, 30, wrote a letter to our editorial and told us her story, which caused a huge stir in her life and broke her family apart.

The woman opened her letter, saying, «I used to live a happy life, but now I’m 99% sure I want a divorce. I could never have thought that my life would take such a whimsical and painful turn, but here we are, I’m heartbroken.»

Alyson went on with her story, saying, «My husband Frank and I have been married for almost 5 years and we have a 5-month-old baby.

I work part-time and my earnings are only enough to supplement our income, and I also pay for the legal process of getting my husband documented. We were very fortunate to jump into an easy process that would take only 2 years for Frank to obtain residency. But after what happened I’m going to cancel all this legal procedure and file for divorce.»

The woman described how she usually prepared her husband’s lunches. She wrote, «My routine used to be relatively busy. I woke up 2 hours before Frank every morning and I made him lunch and packed everything for him for work. I also prepared his breakfast, made his coffee and clothes ready for him. Then he would wake up, eat, get dressed, and leave for work in 40 minutes.»

Alyson made sure her husband wasn’t hungry at work, but nothing seemed enough to him.

The woman goes on with her story, saying, «Frank used to be satisfied with everything that I packed him for lunch. I opted for freshly cooked chicken in some sauce or some kind of chicken wrap. It always was some healthy food. I did this all for him because I wanted to make Frank’s life easier and this way I wanted to show him I cared and loved him. I’ve been serving his lunches since we first moved in together more than 5 years ago.»

Alyson was shocked to find out that her husband was hungry all this time. The woman explained, «Recently I had to include dinner leftovers because Frank started asking for more food. He said that he was still hungry after he ate the lunches I served for him. I thought it was odd because no matter if I worked or not he always came home to the food being ready. So, even if he wasn’t full I was sure he would be okay. But I didn’t object to giving him bigger portions for lunch.»

The woman added, «So I started to double his portions, adding the food that I normally take to work. This meant I would go without lunch and I had to wait till after work or be late for work. I literally would have to wait until the food was ready and take some because I was breastfeeding and I couldn’t miss eating every time.»

The woman sacrificed her comfort for the sake of her husband’s, only to find that he was hiding something from her.

Alyson wrote," Last week when I was packing his lunch I saw a second fork in his lunchbox. I asked Frank about it and he said he had found it in the kitchen in his office and just brought it home. It sounded very weird to me, and I also noticed some changes in him. But I gaslighted myself into thinking that I was being insecure because I just had a baby. But this all made the pit of my stomach churn."

One day, Alyson accidentally learned the truth behind her husband’s «hunger».

Alyson goes on with her story, writing, «A few days later after I found that fork, I decided to go to his office during lunch to surprise him with dessert and for him to see our adorable baby. And that was the exact moment when I found out why he always wanted more food. Previously, we argued with one of his coworkers. I once caught him talking too friendly to her and I told him it made me very uncomfortable and stressed. He told me later that she left the company and wasn’t working there anymore. I had him remove this colleague from all his social networks and he blocked her on all messengers. So, this colleague was not only still working there but was eating the lunch I prepared for my husband and Frank was eating the leftovers.»

Alyson shared, «I didn’t cause a stir. I just took pictures of them eating that lunch together. I added these pictures to my folder of everything he’d done before. He was putting likes on other women’s stories, he had provocative pictures of a colleague from a previous job and he got fired from that job because of her.»

The woman was broken and hurt. She wrote, «I drove home crying and I packed my things. I took the bassinet all I needed for the baby and all my essentials. Then I went to my sister’s place and told everything to her and my BIL.»

Alyson’s heart is broken, and so is her family.

Alyson shared, «I normally text Frank during the day, and that day I just disappeared. Frank started texting me and calling me to check if I was okay and he wanted to ask what was for dinner. He was nervous. And then he came home an hour earlier than usual and saw that my and the baby’s things were gone.

Later that night I told him I wanted a divorce and I told him also that I was going to stop the legal procedure about his documenting that we started 2 years ago. This all made him very mad. He was begging me not to leave him and to give him a chance. I just blocked him on everything, then he came to my sister’s house and she told him to leave or she was calling the police. I feel so broken, lost, and depressed. But I know that I’m doing everything right because it’s better to be alone and a single mom rather than living all my life with a liar who makes me cook food for his mistresses.»

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