My Husband Kept Telling Me That My Body Stinks, I Just Found Out Why He Did It and I’m Raging

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A woman, 35, wrote a desperate letter to our editorial. She said that she simply doesn’t know how to come to terms with the fact that her husband turned out to be a very mean person. The woman told us that he was constantly making comments about her body odor, and she even started having some problems with her mental state because of it. But the revelation that she made further, made her just mad, and we feel for her, having found out the details of her husband’s intrigue.

The woman’s relationship with her husband has always been amazing.

A woman named Lilly, wrote a letter to us, and she sounded very desperate about the situation that she encountered in her happy family. Lilly said that her husband, George, and she have been happily married for over a decade, and she has never witnessed any signs of disrespectful behavior from George.

Lilly revealed, «In fact, our marriage has always been something that has been grounded on deep feelings, huge passion towards each other, mutual respect and trust. I have always believed that my union with George is happy, it was ideal for me, and he’s always been a loving and caring husband.»

There was one thing that made it all less bright, and it was all about the classic thing, a relationship between Lilly and her MIL. The woman wrote, «I have always been in tough terms with my MIL, because I just didn’t like her personality. She’s always been a very authoritative and entitled person, she sincerely believed that it’s only her opinion that counts, in absolutely every matter. And she adores to interfere with other people’s private lives.
This way or that, I did try to come to terms with her and just acted politely all the way, and it wasn’t a big deal for me, because we didn’t see each other very often. George and I live in another country and the chances that she would be interfering with our life, were relatively small. So, I just accepted the fact that my MIL will never become my second mother.»

Lilly’s husband started behaving in a very disrespectful way, all of a sudden.

Lilly goes on with her letter, saying, that around a year ago, her husband’s behavior has totally changed. The woman explained, «George started making rude comments about my body odor. And there was no visible reason for it, no change in my health or lifestyle, everything had been normal, up until one day, and ever since George started doing it. Every single day, at least once, he would tell me that I stink and smell of body odor.»

Lilly tracked back to the beginning of their relationship, saying, that when they met she showered every day, used a deodorant in the morning, brushed her teeth 3 times a day. And nothing has changed ever since in her hygiene. But George would make these nasty comments again and again.

Lilly confessed, «I became so paranoid about my body smelling bad that I started to shower 3 times a day, I applied a special strong deodorant every hour (I even had a reminder on my phone). I used a perfume, and I brushed my teeth 5 times a day, it was anytime I ate or drank something that wasn’t water.»

George’s comments took a toll on Lilly’s mental state.

For every person, it might be very unpleasant to hear that their body stinks. And if it’s said by a significant one, in a very rude manner, and on a daily basis, this could be even worse. The same was for Lilly, and she admitted that she was very upset because of such behavior.

The woman wrote, «I felt like I was going crazy. I was sure I didn’t smell bad all the time of our relationship. And I didn’t think I smelled bad at that period of time, but it was obvious that I did smell bad to my husband. I’ve always been this type of a person who would sneakily smell their own armpits. I visited a doctor, and he told me there was nothing medically wrong.
The whole thing was getting to the point where I literally started asking my friends and family members to smell my armpits and to tell me honestly if I smelled bad. They all said I didn’t smell like body odor at all, one family member even said I smelled too clean like a lush store.»

One day, Lilly discovered the reason why she was smelling bad for her husband.

One day, Lilly unexpectedly uncovered the truth behind her husband’s suspicious behavior. By that moment, the woman was totally paranoid, and she wouldn’t even cuddle or kiss when George said that she smelled bad.

One morning, Lilly went outside for a walk, and George stayed at home. Lilly said, «I went away and told George that I’d be back in around 3 hours. I was thinking of visiting my sister and decided to go on foot and to take a gulp of fresh air, when I suddenly felt bad. I thought I’d better come back home and lay down instead of walking, and I returned back home in approximately 30 minutes after I left. Of course, George wasn’t expecting me to be back.»

Lilly goes on with her story, saying, «Just because I felt bad, I entered the house silently, trying to not make any extra noise with my keys, etc. I had a terrible headache and every sound resonated in my head with a growing pain. George didn’t hear me coming in, he was on a video call with his mother.» Lilly said that George and her MIL were speaking very loudly, and it seemed they were having some argument. The woman was irritated by the loud noises from George’s room, and she wanted to come in and ask him to put his headphones on while talking to his mother. Then, she suddenly realized they both were talking about her.

Lilly wrote, «George was nervously saying to MIL that he’s fed up with this „smelly game“. He sounded pretty much stressed, and he was saying that because of his remarks about my body odor, we stopped getting intimate at all and that I wouldn’t even kiss him anymore. His mother, in her turn, was saying that he should be patient if he wants to keep me beside him. Turned out, George’s father always said such things to her, and it was a sure fire technique to have a woman never leave you. The woman was supposed to stay with one man forever, because „she will feel too low to cheat, will be devoted only to you, and will always be fresh and clean.“»

So, basically, Lilly’s MIL was teaching her son on how to keep Lilly beside him, and she told him about the nasty method that his own father used on her once! Lilly admitted that this was disgusting, and she was mad at the fact that George would ever try this vile technique on her. The woman concluded, «George doesn’t know yet that I’m aware of everything. I want a divorce, but I want a revenge before I split up with him. I know that for many people George’s actions would not be a serious reason for divorce, but I just can’t imagine living the rest of my life with a person, who applies the „smelly methods“ on a woman, who loves him with all her heart.»

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What he was doing was Psychological & Emotional Abuse. Next level Control & Manipulation. I would have been enraged.


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