22 Times People Pulled Off Next Level Pranks and Just Had to Share Them Online

2 years ago

Imagine a family tradition that consists of pranking family every Christmas by taking gift disguising to a whole new level. Socks can become a wrapped-shaped cannon as easily as a necklace can become a colored screwdriver. Or picture yourself within an office culture where April Fool’s Day can happen any day of the week. Hard to believe, but true. We have proof, and more.

Today at Bright Side, we came bearing gifts. And great prank ideas from some of the most inspired pranksters around.

1. “My friend somehow snuck a picture of himself onto my car’s side mirror.”

2. The jelly drawer. A classic.

3. “I covered my friend’s car with 1000 nerf darts for his morning carpool.”

4. “I have a tendency to wrap misleading presents”

5. “Perfect prank: When your friend secretly uses a picture of your face to make tee-shirts and donates a ton of them to local thrift stores.”

6. “Friends decided to pull a prank on me while I was in class. Thought I’d share the suffering”

7. “I am the only one in the building today. Someone pranked me and scared me to death”

8. “Reddit inspired me to start wrapping presents in misleading shapes. This is a drone for my dad in the shape of a 10 gallon hat.”

9. “Glitter Bomb Birthday prank card (First concept)”

Written on note: “Pull Up to PARTY!” — “Happy Cleaning!”

10. “Water Bead Desk Prank — Post Honeymoon”

11. “My wife’s turn to cook tonight, thought I’d try to prevent another ‘Cajun’ dish.”

12. “Hi I’m Clippy, your office assistant!!!”

Written on note: “Hi I’m Clippy, your office assistant. I see that you’re trying to be productive. Would you like me to fix that?”

13. “Left this 3D printed glow in the dark masterpiece on my wife’s pillow. Also, on a related note, sleeping on the couch tonight.”

14. “Practical joke for a friend”

His friend was visiting South Korea. He thought it would be funny to give him a t-shirt with his presentation in English and Korean. But in reality, in English it says, “Hello my name is Dylan. What is your name?”, and in Korean, “My ears don’t hear very well. When you speak, could you make your voice as loud as possible?”

15. “Real sign at a new development in Denver”

16. “Friend’s husband played a prank on her..”

Written on note: “WARNING!!! Aggressive spider under cup. Do NOT move until ready to squish!!”

17. “April Fool’s prank at work”

Written on note: “ATTENTION! Paper Towel Dispenser is now voice activated. To Activate Dispenser say: ‘Paper Towels Please’ or ‘Paper Towel’ Thank you!”

18. “They tracked my husband down at the Renaissance Faire. Impressive.”

Written on note: “We hast been trying to reach thee in regard to thy extended cart warranty.”

19. “Someone had fun at Walmart.”

20. “April Fools Prank”

21. “Our family has a 35+ year tradition of disguising Christmas gifts. This took over 80 hours to build.”

22. “My parents drove almost an hour out of their way to prank me after I pranked their cars over Thanksgiving weekend.”

Are you good at playing pranks? How would you have reacted to one of these?

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