17 Witty Kids Who Outsmarted Everyone and Beat the System

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3 years ago

When it comes to questions adults know the right answers to, kids’ responses continue to amaze us thanks to their wit and non-standard approach to thinking. There are many things we can learn from children, from how they solve issues to how they complete various tasks.

Bright Side is sure that whatever comes out of a child’s mouth goes far beyond the truth — these things can help us cope with difficulties and solve puzzles quite well. After all, the most interesting things take place when they come up with something completely new.

1. “My son has 2 pairs of sneakers and took both left shoes this morning. Still, he didn’t get confused and ended up making this. I was both mortified and impressed.”

2. “I’ll see you all when this kid wins a Nobel Prize.”

3. “My 5-year-old daughter drew this instead of asking for a cookie. She knew I’d say no if she simply asked. I had to award her creativity.”

4. “I had a bet with my kids that a pack of cereal couldn’t have the word ’healthy’ on it. Now I owe them $5!”

5. “My son (first grade) was doing his homework. He was supposed to describe a non-existent animal and draw it. Here’s what he did. I’m proud of him!”

6. “There are water limiters in the public bathhouse. The water pours when someone is standing next to it. A boy who is lower than the limiter level came up to the shower and did this.”

7. “I went for a walk with my kid and found this on the playground. It seems the seesaw was used by a lonely but smart kid.”

8. “Our son arranged his toy bear to relax like this. Both my husband and I feel envious.”

9. “Told the kids to ’clean up.’ The kids responded by saying, ’What’s the living room for? LIVING!’”

10. A big-brained third grader

11. “I asked for a tablet holder for the kitchen and got a Lego creation with ’Mom’ on it.”

12. “I was mowing the grass in the backyard. My 7-year-old comes out with no shoes on. I yell, ’Watch out for dog poop!’ 2 minutes pass and she comes out with these on her feet!”

13. “I told my kid, ‘No technology until after 5 p.m.’ He has to do homework and then he can play with his toys. He’s created a ‘drive-in movie theatre’ for the cars with his phone streaming Netflix.”

14. “Asked my student to complete the maze. Eventually, I gave him a round of applause.”

15. “My 8-year-old’s Thanksgiving card — well, he’s being honest.”

16. “Someone wasn’t ready for bed. Decided to hide and read his book.”

17. “My 6-year-old finished his homework with maniacal laughter and muttered to himself, ’Ha, I win.’”

What ingenious things have you or your kids done?

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