26 Absolutely Ordinary Photos If You’re Not Paying Attention to the Background

4 years ago

The most interesting things are not always on the surface, sometimes you need to search for them. The same thing applies to the photos in our selection. Can you see past the hot girls in the foreground or figure out what’s going on in a seemingly normal family portrait?

Bright Side found 26 photos where the most interesting part is in the background.

Those relationships... You know ups and downs...

This boy knows how to attract attention.

Kids these days grow up so fast.

It might be time for an exorcist.

“This is how faithful I need my man to act.”

Lifeguard on duty

“Can you point me to the closest kindergarten?”

Future playboy

Photobomb level: Bartender

“My family took our Christmas photo today. Our dog joined us too.”

What are they doing back there?

We all have a friend like this.

The cat in the background is high with existential crisis.

All parents know how to make a photo better.

“He’s right behind me...isn’t he?”

Right place, right time

Something really horrible happened behind this stand.

I’m sexy and I know it!

A jealous cat

The kid in the back’s face sums it all up, posers...

When you can’t participate but really want to:

“Hey little girl, need help smiling big? Just look at me.”

When you’re having naughty thoughts and get caught:

When the world is thinking about love and you’re thinking about what color you want to paint your kitchen:

“I took a selfie in front of Cinderella’s Castle, but this girl did not approve...”

“Went to take a picture of my girlfriend at brunch when suddenly...”

Have you ever had someone photobomb your photos? Share them in the comments below.

Preview photo credit vibeswithbabe / twitter


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I went to London once, took a selfie on the river boat with Tower Bridge behind me.. and there's an old man behind me with a forlorn expression on his face like he's lost all hope for the younger generation 😂


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