A Youthful Mom, 42, Who Gets Mistaken for a Teenager, Shares Her Beauty Secrets, and We’re Taking Notes

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We live in an era where people are obsessed with beauty and looking youthful. People turn to many different procedures to have a younger appearance and be more “aesthetically appealing.” In ancient times, ways to achieve beauty were quite crazy too, as women used urine, crocodile poo, wore vacuum helmets, and more, all in order to tweak their natural appearance and highlight their beauty.

Our heroine today doesn’t take to extreme body care procedures, yet she looks very youthful, and it’s all thanks to her own beauty routine. Today, she’s sharing her secrets with all of us.

Amber was quite popular before she became an Internet phenomenon.

Amber Leigh Lancaster was born on September 19, 1980. She is an American model, actress, and interior designer. Her main achievements are her role as Jenny Swanson on MTV’s The Hard Times of RJ Berger, as well as being a model on The Price Is Right.

At the age of 39, Amber gave birth to her son and suffered from pregnancy complications. Her fans were relieved to know that both the mom and baby were okay, and this is when the woman actually wowed her fans with a video in which she revealed her real age.

When Amber opened up about her age, people just couldn’t believe it.

Amber Lancaster has over 400,000 fans on her Instagram page, and many of them just didn’t realize her actual age, thinking she was around 25 or even 18 years old. The woman left her fans gobsmacked when, one day, she posted a video on another platform, TikTok, revealing her date of birth.

She was 41 at that time, and despite having a crowd of adoring fans, many were left with their jaws on the ground when they actually learned that she wasn’t 18, like many used to think.

Shocked at the woman’s age, people shared comments of disbelief and immediately demanded that the model spill her age-defying beauty tips.

Amber eagerly shared her beauty plan with her fans.

Among all the beauty products that Amber swears by, she mentions using tretinoin cream, and she claims it really saved her skin. She did warn, however, that this type of treatment is not for every skin type and that you will need to consult a dermatologist first. She says, “First being tretinoin, you need a prescription for this, I’ve been using it for 15 years and it’s literally changed my skin.”

Other products that Amber credits her youthful looks to are: vitamin C serum, moisturizer with petrolatum, and a sealant cream that you can use on your lips, cuticles, hands, heels, and as the last step in your skincare routine to keep in moisture.

While commenting on her tips, many people said they trusted Amber’s advice because of her age. “As soon as you said you were 41 I decided I will do whatever you tell me to do,” one comment read. Someone else added, “You did not say 41. Okay, I want to know everything about you now cuz I’m pretty sure you’re a vampire!!”

What are your beauty care products that you absolutely swear by? Would you follow Amber’s advice and try some beauty care products from her list?


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