20 Times the Universe Didn’t Mind Being a Little Bit Pranky With People

2 years ago

Turns out our universe also doesn’t mind having fun from time to time. It seems to give us some winks of kindness to cheer us up. And sometimes it’s a good reminder to stop and smile for a moment as if we’re facing a wonderful preview of life’s coming attractions.

We at Bright Side have found some of these instances to prove that every moment can become truly precious to us.

1. “The peas in this pod are shaped like cubes.”

2. “So I took a photo of my best friend.”

3. “This clothing store is undergoing construction, so they dressed their mannequins appropriately.”

4. “This Japanese-style peanut looks like a skull.”

5. “I saw a fake taxi out in the wild today.”

6. “Today, I saw Captain America driving a motorcycle.”

7. “These airport charging stations look like happy little chaps wearing top hats.”

8. “A dress made out of tea bags”

9. “There’s Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello, Michelangelo, then Caravaggio, Bartolomeo, Domenico, Sandro, and Bronzino, right?”

10. “A guy dressed as the Joker riding a motorcycle”

11. “A guy dressed as a tree is walking around in the city.”

12. “If Thanos was into fashion, these would be his boots.”

13. So, who’s not a real person here?

14. “I found some green chips in my bag today.”

15. “The line at a pizza place”

16. This bakery with bread shaped like a bear, a crab, a scorpion, and a croc

17. “An odd halo during tonight’s sunset”

18. “The tinting on my sunglasses causes this electronic menu to disappear when looked through.”

19. “Found this smiling potato at work.”

20. “An apple on an apple”

Have you ever seen anything ridiculously funny yourself? Has the universe ever made you smile and give you a good laugh? Please share your stories in the comments below. And don’t forget to attach some photos too.

Preview photo credit lifonaut / imgur


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