15+ Heartwarming Pictures That Will Absolutely Lift Your Spirits

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Smiling is not just a contraction of your facial muscles. It stimulates our brains’ reward mechanisms, even more so than chocolate. According to recent studies, it reduces stress, so you physically and mentally feel as if you got a great night’s sleep. And it simply helps to generate more positive emotions within. That’s why we feel so much happier around little children and our beloved furry friends.

1. “But I don’t want to take a bath...”

2. “Sleepy snuggle buddy”

3. “Potato trying to understand why the earth is getting smaller”

I think you'll find he already knows and wonders why it took you so long to realise it yourself.


4. “Daisy with a daisy”

5. “Just another cloudy, rainy day...and a girl enjoying her own magical bubbly world.”

6. “Do you say ’heads up’ or ’duck?’”

7. “Pick whatever you’d like.”

8. “Feel like I shared a moment with this carrot.”

9. Graduation day!

10. “Keeping my baby kitten warm and cozy while I work on my laptop”

11. “Outside with the cat and a small bird joined us. Suddenly, I’m having a Disney moment.”

12. “Accurate (cute) gas tank sticker”

13. “Don’t steal my sunshine! You can have a bite though.”

14. “Every year my parents recreate the Christmas card our friends send them of their kids. Here’s this year’s!”

15. “20 years later and we are still adventuring.”

16. “My girlfriend snapped a picture of our baby girl.”

17. “So... my husband has hung cat-level wall art. So sophisticated!”

Please note: This article was updated in April 2023 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
Preview photo credit phimpxy2 / Reddit


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