18 Photos Proving Bonds Between Pets and Owners Are for Life

2 years ago

Humans and animals have typically shared a unique connection that benefits both pets and their owners. At times, we feel as if they melt away all of the world’s worries since they have been shown to release anxiety, tension, depression, and loneliness and enhance overall health. However, once it refers to pets, they also feel attached to us as human beings.

Here at Bright Side, we decided to highlight the strong chemistry between pets and humans, which left us speechless.

1. “I think my 13-year-old little girl is pretty happy about her new set of wheels.”

2. “My dad and my kitty, Honey, adoring each other!”

3. “My 82-year-old dad fell asleep with my yellow lab’s ear in hand.”

4. “Finally caved and got my son a rescue for his fifteenth birthday. They are in love.”

5. “Everyone, say hello to my big boy, LJ! He’s a Maine Coon, gonna be 3 this May and he’s 21 lb, still growing!”

6. “From our wedding day — I think someone is a bit obsessed with *my* husband.”

7. “I tried to take a funny picture of her chicken wing loaf but she looked at me and I got the sweetest photo.”

8. “Her foster said she loves contractors. She’s definitely the perfect match for my husband and will admire him working all day.”

9. “They’re waiting for my wife to come back.”

10. “I kept the shirt from the first day I met my best friend and 13 years later, I said goodbye to it.”

11. “He just wants to be like Daddy.”

12. “My friend’s dog who stared at me every morning till I gave her a cuddle”

13. “I had a fairly rough day at work today. When I finished, this sweet girl wouldn’t leave my side.”

“As soon as I laid down, she jumped up and hugged me.”

14. “Taking care of my tired hooman cushion. Purring and snuggling on them so they feel better.”

15. “Husband said he was going to make a bed frame. I thought it was for our new mattress. It was for the cat.”

16. “My mom made a mat for my dog’s food and water bowls.”

17. “My husband and cat share a birthday week.”

18. ’’My daughter, blowing bubbles for the donkeys’’

Which of these pics do you think best captures the love pets have for their owners? Do you have a picture of you and your pet as best friends?

Preview photo credit Just-Pay-4068 / Reddit


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