16 Precious Tattoos With Backstories That Make Them Truly Unique

2 years ago

According to a recent survey, 38% of the world’s population has at least one tattoo on their body. Many people choose their ink designs as a form of self-expression and a way to honor their beloved family members or pets. Such people who put a lot of thought into their tattoos will probably never regret getting them and will always think of them fondly.

We at Bright Side came across some very intriguing tattoos that hold a special meaning for their owners.

1. “I lost my old boy, Sebastian, last month. I had my first tattoo in his honor.”

2. “My 3.5-year-old-daughter drew my newest tattoo, I’ll be adding to it as she gets older and can draw other things!”

“It’s a self-portrait and her name.”

3. “A memorial for both my brother who passed and his dog.”

4. “A sound wave of my late dog Marley’s snore”

5. “My first tattoo: ’do great things’ in Mom’s handwriting”

6. “Bats for me and my stepchildren”

7. “My grandparents’ front porch”

8. “In memory of my cat”

9. “A silhouette of the tree I used to climb as a kid”

10. “Dad passed away in 2009, got a note he wrote in my second-grade yearbook as a reminder.”

11. “My kids’ work of art”

12. “When I’m down, my kids always lift my spirits. So stoked on my first tattoo.”

13. “My wife and I had our first son, Perry, in May so my newest tattoo is a crowned pear for my prince, Perry!”

14. “A tribute piece for my late wife”

15. “His and hers, first tattoo for my wife, left in the photo”

16. “My twin brother and me as kids”

Do you have any tattoos that have a special meaning behind them? Share them with us in the comment section below.

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My grandparents surname is Duck and it was also my maiden name. When my nan passed in 2017 it crushed me. I had my first ever tattoo in 2019 in her memory.

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