15 Times Incredibly Crafty People Showed Their Love for Others

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Among the things we find most fascinating about humans is our way of showing love. Some use words of affirmation. Others buy expensive gifts to show how much they care. However, few use their hands and put their heart and soul into crafting handmade gifts for their nearest and dearest.

The Bright Side team combed the web to find people whose crafty gestures speak volumes about how much they care for their loved ones.

1. “I made a longship cradle for my first grandchild.”

2. “Built a playroom for my kids.”

3. “I made this copper pendant for my mom.”

4. “Our 3-year-old twins love lists and feeling organized, so I laser-cut a to-do list for them.”

5. “I made a paper craft Gundam for my boyfriend.”

6. “I made a wooden spoon that looks like my boyfriend for Christmas.”

7. “Some embroidery I did for my niece.”

8. “I made a ring for my girlfriend! I cast it in silver and handset the entire ring myself.”

9. “I sculpted my boyfriend’s D&D character for his birthday.”

10. “A special gift for a friend of mine who loves my work but doesn’t have pierced ears — clip-ons are her favorite design.”

11. “A little froggy boy I made for my HR rep — I’m so excited to give it to her.”

12. “I made my 5-year-old daughter a giant Totoro plushie for Christmas from a free 8-inch pattern I printed at 380%.”

13. “I knitted a dress for my daughter as a Christmas present. I think it fits very well.”

14. “My handmade dresses for this mom and her daughters”

15. “Made a couch for my old lady cat. I think she likes it.”

What was your favorite crafty gift? Have you ever tried your hand at a DIY project? Let us know in the comments.

Preview photo credit I**-Trainer-9903/reddit


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