9 Things We Don’t Notice in Our Own Homes That Strike the Eyes of Visitors

3 years ago

When we walk into someone’s home, it’s normal to look around and jump to certain conclusions about the people who live there, including their character, habits, and lifestyle. Even the tiniest details can reveal interesting nuances. For example, certain things may make us think that a person is stingy. However, not all of these presumptions are actually true.

We at Bright Side tried to distinguish the difference between being thrifty and stingy and outlined a dozen things around the home that say a lot about who lives there.

1. Worn-out slippers

Footwear that has gone through all the ups and downs of its owner’s life can be valuable and dear to that person’s heart. Still, while we try to change our street shoes quite often, we tend to forget about slippers because they’re so comfortable, we don’t notice their drawbacks. After all, who else is going to see them anyway?

However, if you’re going to have visitors, you’d better put such slippers aside and offer your guests something to wear that’s less dear to you. It’s a good idea to keep a special pair of slippers for visitors that won’t ever be used by your family members. Keep in mind that offering your guests something that you always wear at home is not hygienic.

2. Remnants in a soap dish

The range and variety of detergents in the modern world are so wide that everyone can choose something suitable for their budget, negating the need to use a widdled-down bar of soap when it becomes uncomfortable. However, sometimes we tend to think that throwing away a piece of soap, even if it’s almost too small to function, is too spendthrift. But all that does is leave those small pieces of soap in our beautiful soap dishes. In some cases, you’ll even see a pile of such pieces in a corner of a bathroom cabinet in a home of a more thrifty person.

3. Covers on the furniture

Is there anything as beautiful in this world as covers on the furniture? Yes, that was a sarcastic question. Despite the fact that modern furniture manufacturers use very durable and stain-resistant fabrics, we can still see furniture covers in many homes that not only spoil the overall look but also require constant fixing.

4. Dishes with chipped enamel

Our mothers and grannies would use enameled dishes back in the day, which is why many of us have inherited them and keep using them to this day. However, even long-lasting kitchen utensils and cookware have the tendency to wear out. It’s quite understandable when an 80-year-old lady can’t say goodbye to a pot that she had been using for the last 30-40 years. However, the presence of such things in homes of young housekeepers causes nothing but confusion.

5. Chipped and cracked cups

The time of the goods shortage is well in the past, and it’s now possible to buy inexpensive yet attractive cups, mugs, and plates in almost any market. They don’t cost a lot and can easily create an atmosphere of novelty and comfort. However, we can sometimes find it hard to say goodbye to a chipped cup or plate for different reasons: perhaps we don’t have time to do it or we can’t find a good alternative that we like as much as the old item. This way of thinking can become a bad habit, causing the person to stop noticing the small imperfections in their kitchenware. But no matter what your reasoning is, keep in mind that such dingy items never look good in anyone’s home.

6. An old sweeper instead of a modern brush

Today, shops are abundant with various modern and aesthetically-pleasing brooms of different hardness that can easily and effectively collect small garbage at home. They’re long-lasting, easy to use, and nice looking. However, many people still keep those old sweepers, also known as besoms, which seem to be so dear to us and convenient. However, they don’t look presentable at all and continue to crumble and break over time. Additionally, in order to sweep the floor with these things, one needs to bend all the way down, which is hardly helpful to those who suffer from back pain.

7. Worn-out kitchen towels

Every kitchen has a towel — it’s vital in this space. But it’s one thing when the towel is neat and clean and a totally different story when it looks like a piece of waffle fabric with holes and protruding threads. We can continue to convince ourselves that such fabric absorbs moisture better, but let’s be honest: the market is full of perfect cotton towels at cheap prices that absorb and clean just as well.

8. Bed linens that have been washed many times

Bed linens are another detail that can reveal a lot about our character and attitude toward our home. It might seem that no one sees what you’re sleeping on but even a pillowcase washed many times can uncover our true personality. Usually, the cheaper fabric starts to look bad quicker, while high-quality and expensive fabrics can serve us for a long time and still look great. That’s why those who aren’t ready to buy a new set of bed linens more frequently can opt for buying several more expensive sets and forget about this matter for several years at a time.

9. Protective film on new items

When TV sets with remote controls first appeared in the world, many people had an extremely careful attitude about this miracle of technology and tried to protect such items with incredible care. However, nowadays, technology has become a common part of life, and you can buy a TV remote at any store. Now, only the most thrifty people put plastic bags or special covers on remote controls and don’t remove the protective film from any new equipment.

What household items do you perceive as a sign of being too stingy?


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I always throw away dishes and cups that are chipped. to me, it just doesn't feel right to use those


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