8 Secret Messages That Are Gracefully Hidden in the Uniforms of Flight Attendants

2 years ago

The flight attendant is an important and prestigious profession. These people are the face of the airline, and in order to create the design of their uniforms, companies hire iconic designers, such as Vivienne Westwood. These designers create clothes that are not simply attractive but that also have their own secrets not all passengers know about.

We at Bright Side have learned about the messages hidden in flight attendants’ uniforms. And in the bonus feature, you’ll see the type of food that’s given to the passengers of Singapore Airlines.

Air France, France

The traditional color of the French company, Air France, is dark blue. The company has been using this color scheme for over 70 years. But designer Christian Lacroix added a bright red belt and gloves to the uniform to make the attendants easy to spot in a crowd of people.

China Eastern Airlines, China

The clothes for the flight attendants from China Eastern Airlines were developed by Christian Lacroix. The uniform is based on the ideas of simplicity, beauty, and modesty. The red belt and accessories make the uniform more lively. Additionally, the neck scarf and the round plaque on the belt have traditional Chinese patterns on them. This way, the uniform combines Western fashion and Eastern identity.

Delta Air Lines, the US

The Delta Air Lines uniform has been through some serious changes over the years. In 2018, Zak Rosen, the designer that dressed the singer Rihanna, created a new design. He chose 3 basic colors: purple, gray, and red. The colors have funny names that are connected with flying and traveling. For example, they are not just purple and gray but “groundspeed graphite” and “passport plum.”

Virgin Atlantic, Great Britain

In the past, the flight attendants of the British Virgin Atlantic used to wear quite loose jackets. But designer John Rocha introduced a slimmer-fitted silhouette and a V-shaped cut to make the staff appear more business-like and relaxed.
Later, the uniform was improved upon by Vivienne Westwood, who made it more feminine and elegant. The head of the company says that their employees feel and work better in good clothes.

ANA, Japan

The uniform for the Japanese airline, ANA (All Nippon Airways), was developed by designer Prabal Gurung, who Lady Gaga really likes. The light gray costumes are perfectly combined with the blue ANA logo. And the bright scarves with floral patterns show that the company respects the Japanese heritage.

Etihad Airways, UAE

Etihad Airways is a company from the UAE. The scarves have a hidden meaning. It’s a symbol of a 10-year-long collaboration with Formula-1.
The design was developed by Diane von Fürstenberg. The meaning of the scarf has several layers. The first one is the look of the race track in Abu Dhabi. Then there are the colors. The purple is the royal color, and the orange hue is the sunset in the desert. The scarves are a way to honor the partners and to show the company values: elegance and happiness.

China Airlines, China

These uniforms for China Airlines were designed by William Chang who was actually nominated for an Academy Award for Best Costume. The uniform is based on the national qipao dress that shows the softness and modesty of Asian women. The designer tried to keep the traditions and include modern fashion concepts. You can watch a lot of videos about the reduction of CO2 emissions and tree protection on the company website.

Singapore Airlines, Singapore

The uniforms of the flight attendants of Singapore Airlines haven’t changed in over 50 years. The tight skirt of the Singapore attendants seems impractical at first, but there’s a secret. In case of an emergency, the cut in front helps the attendants tie up the skirt above the knee to make it shorter and easier to walk in.
The color also matters. Regular attendants wear blue, senior ones wear green, and the chef attendant is dressed in red.

Bonus: This is what the passengers of Singapore Airlines eat. The flight attendants are taught to arrange the food in an attractive manner.

Which of these uniforms do you think are the best?

Preview photo credit East News, Sam Chui / YouTube


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