16 Unusual Things That Made Us Go, “I Don’t Know Why but I Definitely Need That”

3 years ago

Today, you can buy almost anything: shoes in any design you like, plates with cats on them — anything. But sometimes, we come across such cool things that they change our entire understanding of creativity.

We at Bright Side feel really great when we see things made by people who really follow their inspiration.

The bottom of this bottle looks like a rose.

“Just check out the ring I got for only $8!”

Cloud lamp

“I was browsing through an online store mindlessly and found arguably the best thing I’ve ever come across. Wool sheep dryer balls”

“I want this kettle, it’s so cute!”

Real-moss mat for your bathroom

“I’ve finally got my cow pillow.”

A pearl-shaped candle

“These cups are amazing! They are great for a cozy house out of town.”

A cute banana bed for cats

This cactus is actually a stack of cups.

“A beauty brand palette inspired by scientific research”

A sheep that always has toilet paper

“Check out the cute lamp my mom got me.”

“This hand soap spurts out paw-shaped foam.”

“I love these! My man is amazing.”

Which of these things would you like to have? Tell us in the comment section below!

Preview photo credit MilanBrielle / Twitter


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Yes! It's not useless or silly if it makes you happy and lifts up the mood! 😊


idk what those sheep balls are for, but they are extremely cute


those shoes DO NOT look comfortable. I would not buy them


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