17 Times Designers Decided to Break Standards and Astonish People With an Idea

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Casual toilets and chairs can be too dull for creative designers who crave making something out of the ordinary. If it’s a urinal, it can go beyond a functional white porcelain bowl and look more like a flower — that way, you can enjoy the process more.

1. “Introducing ’the scrub and plunge’”

Combining two essential tools in to one that is unhygenic and inconvenient to use for either purpose.


2. “This flower-shaped urinal”

3. “Looks cool.”

4. Cube croissant

5. “A book stack carving that doubles as a side table”

6. “You’ve got to love what you do to be creative.”

7. “It’s 1 piece.”

8. “This bottle cap that always stays with the bottle”

9. “The little chef cap is perfect.”

10. “The Etazin chair I designed while at the Frank Lloyd Wright school of architecture, now public art in Manhattan at 48th and 3rd”

11. “This water-like epoxy floor”

12. “A tea cup set with a lid that turns into a holder for the sieve when you’re done steeping.”

13. “This lampost in front of a chiropractor”

14. Unusual execution

15. “This cup — kinda cute though.”

16. CVS receipt scarf

17. This jeans helmet

Which design idea did you like the most? Would you like to be a designer, and why?


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