14 Crafty People Who Took Their Shoes From Ordinary to Unique

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Transforming old trainers into shoes is simpler than it might seem — rhinestones, embroidery — all means are good. Once you put in a bit more effort and fantasy, you end up getting an exclusive pair that no one else in the world possesses.

We at Bright Side looked at photos from Internet users who worked hard on their shoes and are now sharing the results.

“Painted my shoes with fabric and acrylic paint.”

“A before and after of the shoes I made for my graduation”

“Working duration was about 1-2 hours for 4 nights. Pliers were needed to pull out the needle at times, but it was worth the hassle.”

“My sister paints shoes sometimes, and I think she’s pretty talented.”

“Some shoes I made some cartoon magic happen on”

When crocs look like the shoes of a princess:

“I painted these shoes for my 5-year-old. He wanted an ice dragon and a golden/fire dragon.”

“The shoes that I decided to decorate”

“Added some flowers to my shoes.”

“My first time painting on shoes!”

“The final product of my beading on shoes”

“They were originally gold, but had clearly been spray-painted.”

“I removed the old paint with some acetone and then used leather paint. Finished with high gloss acrylic finisher.”

The groom’s wedding shoes

“Painted my only pair of shoes.”

Have you ever tried to fix or paint your shoes? Or do you prefer to leave it to professionals?

Preview photo credit MsDevine79 / Reddit


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