20+ Pointlessly Gendered Objects That Leave Us Scratching Our Heads

3 years ago

It’s hard to believe that we’re well into the 21st century and still, when going shopping you find products that are supposed to be just for men or just for women. Then, you take a closer look and it turns out they’re exactly the same product, but they are labeled as being for different genders. That’s it, that’s the only difference. Well, that and the fact that most of these products come with some slightly offensive and gender-stereotyped ads... These types of situations are so lame, that we’re not sure if we should laugh or cry. But when in doubt, it’s better to laugh.

That’s why, today, Bright Side surfed the net and found that Reddit users agreed with us and realized that there are still too many products that are pointlessly gendered. You’d be surprised to find that books, mirrors, shampoo, and even chopsticks can be gendered! Take a look:

1. “They’re the exact same shampoo but one is just for men?”

2. “The good ol’ camouflage”

3. “Forgot my wallet and my mother refused to buy this cause it’s for men...”

4. “It’s a glove, but for men”

5. “‘Man’ and ‘Lady’ protein shakes”

6. “Siiiigh”

7. “Same price. Just confusing.”

8. “2 mini fridges sold at Walmart”

“PERSONAL CHILLER: Mini Space Cooler/Warmer. For Bedroom + Dorm + Office + Workshop. Keeps beverages and snacks at an ideal temperature and close by.”

“PERSONAL CHILLER. Mini Space Cooler/Warmer. For Vanity + Bathroom + Bedroom + Nursery. Perfect for skincare and beauty products, beverages, and more!”

9. And because ears differ between genders, we need this 🙄:

10. “Men’s Active Sponges”

11. “Gingerbread man: I am happy. Gingerbread lady: Lipstick.”

12. “A man sized snack, but not a lady sized snack?”



13. “Women are vampires.”

14. “I’m just trying to walk through the grocery store.”

15. “I almost bought the wrong color pogo stick for my kids!”

16. “Good thing I checked the sign before buying for my husband.”


17. “Because stress only affects girls.”

Colouring is sth girls enjoy more than boys. I'm a teacher and see this every year. Also, would the title stop a boy from liking this colouring book?


18. “Well I guess I’m a lady now.”


19. “Specially made for our tiny, delicate lady hands”

20. “Invisible nail polish for men... why?”

21. “Strong enough for a man, expensive enough for a woman”


22. “Gendered doodling”

23. “Finally, an axe body spray that I can wear!”

Have you also seen pointlessly gendered products when shopping? Which ones seemed the most absurd to you? If you have pictures, share them with us so that we can laugh at these strange products that came into the 21st century from another era!

Preview photo credit motobmurray / Reddit


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Baby bags are ok. Also colouring books maybe, as yes some do, but the majority of girls vs boys likes do differ. Everything else is pointless.


I hate how all of these are so gendered, but also I almost hate just as much how people say man and lady, or man and girl. It's like, women are just small weak ladies and girls that men need to rescue... It makes me so mad


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