A College Student Makes Comics About Her Daily Life, and They’re So Relatable It’s Hilarious

5 years ago

If you follow Instagram artists, it’s very possible that you’ve come across the work of comic artist Lollibeepop. Bee creates comics, whose star is a 20-something girl who faces all types of everyday life difficulties that are highly relatable to anyone that is the same age. Many of you will be able to see yourselves inside these comical realities that apply to almost every millennial.

Bright Side searched for Bee’s most funny and liked comics on her Instagram and Facebook page for you to enjoy.

1. When you invite people and later realize what a huge mistake it was:

2. Don’t worry. Millennials age like good wine.

3. Can’t mothers find another type of punishment?

4. Someone call an ambulance, please!

5. Overloaded with boredom

6. When everyone else gushes about their babies:

7. Show some compassion, people.

8. Now, why do people do that?

9. Isn’t that what a free day means?

10. Got to have a bubble tea! Or maybe not.

11. When you decide that faking your own death is the only way out:

12. Avoiding conflict? Nah...

13. So, your bra is making you feel uncomfortable?

14. Having a senior moment

15. What do they put in those things?

16. In the end, you’re gonna do it no matter what.

17. Good for the planet, bad for the arms.

18. Oh please! They’ll survive and come to get revenge.

19. You want those legs? You got them.

20. Some mornings are like: “Is there really any point of getting up?”

21. A girl can dream, right?

22. You’re wicked, Stranger Things!

What do you think of Bee’s comics? Aren’t they extremely relatable to your own everyday troubles? Please share your opinion down in the comment section.


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i think its a miracle she can put on eyeliner without her mouth open


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