A Polish Artist Draws True-to-Life Illustrations at Which We Couldn’t Look Without a Smile

4 years ago

From drawing real-life situations to random mermaid problems, this Polish artist from the UK draws everything. There are no limits to the themes Natalia Trykowska (also known as Verauko) explores in her illustrations. She regularly draws these comics and has already earned herself 48K Instagram followers.

Bright Side has brought some of Natalia's art to this list and wants to let you decide how relatable it is.

"Those with a tall significant other will understand."

"It also applies to other items such as clothes, backpacks, and jewelry."

"Running for the bus"

Create your own masterpiece.

The story of every dog lover

When every day is a bad hair day thanks to humidity:

When you're absolutely clueless:

Friday night

When you always feel tired:

Stay normal as much as possible.

Classic hangover

Well, it saves time at least!

That's a talented baby!

"Damn you, social media!!"

Do you also deal with the same problems every day? If yes, please leave us a comment below.

Preview photo credit Verauko


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