20 People Who Failed So Gracefully We Couldn’t Help but Give Them Kudos

2 years ago

In our world, which is hyper-focused on social media, it may seem like everyone is bragging about their success. But there are some brave people who don’t just show the best and the coolest, but rather share and talk about their failures, and find the courage to laugh at them. And it’s a well-known truth that people who laugh in the face of failure, are likely to be leaders.

Here at Bright Side, we believe that it’s always better to smile when you fail, and today we’ve collected 20 photos of people who are perfect proof of this statement. Let’s charge ourselves up with some unusual optimism!

1. “I’ve been looking for my third shaker spiral ball for a couple of weeks now.”

2. “New cable lines installed, boss!”

3. “So my girlfriend tried to take a picture with her puppy when a bird slammed into the window.”

4. “Fiancée tried to make doughnuts but added too much butter. I introduce to you, the muffnut.”

5. “My friend dressed up as his mom & tried to get his phone back.”

6. “Tried my hand at sledding today.”

7. “Security tried to get this cat out of my local supermarket. Failed.”

8. “My friend wanted to take a nice picture of her daughter.”

9. “I’m literally in a bathroom stall at work right now covered in clown paint. I just tried wiping it off and it’s not coming off.”

10. “My friend got a tattoo, he wanted it to say ‘Legends.’ Close enough?”

11. “Candy lips, Expectation vs Reality”

12. “Never ask your hairdresser for ’something different.’”

13. “Nailed it. I tried doing ombre nails for the first time.”

14. “Grew my hair out for 4 years. It was at the healthiest it had been in my entire adult life. This is what I asked for vs what I got.”

15. “Ordered a clone stuffed animal to resemble our cat. About to ask for my money back.”

16. “What could go wrong if I order my dress online?”

17. “My buddies’ dog really got that good haircut.”

18. “Downside: having this on the back of my head. Upside: everyone found it hilarious.”

19. “Wanted a simple manicure for my wedding in March. Here is what I got. I was upset but also couldn’t stop laughing.”

20. “Today I celebrate the 2-year anniversary of breaking off my front tooth. By breaking off the other one on a piece of bacon.”

What is the latest failure that made you just roll your eyes and laugh? How do you usually treat your mistakes?

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19 my sister actually did for Christmas, showed me today. (Looks like the left side not the fail.) Painted her nails gold then used a stick-on pattern trimmed just smaller than her nail size, so the gold peeks out at the bottom. That's how you do it.


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