18 People Who Seem to Have Run Out of Luck

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A small failure can easily overshadow an ordinary day. Your favorite mug breaks, your new phone falls, the sole of your boot comes loose, or your beloved relative secretly eats your snacks. But all of this is no reason to be depressed, it’s better to complain and chuckle about these situations together with others. And that’s what the heroes of our article did.

“Spent an hour perfectly roasting this potato for dinner, only to cut it open and find this.”

“I wore an old pair of boots today and halfway through the day, the heals just kind of disconnected.”

“I don’t even know how he got it in there, but it was really difficult getting it out.”

“Mom broke her tooth after biting into a sandwich. It turns out there was a bone in the sandwich.”

“I was wondering why it wasn’t sanding evenly...”

“Ruined my stainless-steel pot lid by turning on the wrong induction burner. I was about to pick it up when I saw the blue.”

“Guests are about to arrive.”

“At 6 AM I was very rudely awakened to the sound of my beautiful reclaimed art deco basin crashing onto my newly tiled floor.”

“Barbara the cat was running out as I reached the bathroom.”

“Phone purchased at 10:20 AM, black ice got me at 1:30 PM.”

In 2019 I was hit by car. The insurance guy asked if my phone was broken. Ha! I had a Nokia.


“Broke my favorite toy.”

“They assured me these were frost-proof.”

“It’s stuck. I don’t know what to do.”

“Used my brand new oven for the first time. It exploded.”

“My kid eats the entire pint of ice cream and then fills it with water & freezes it to make me think I had a nice treat to enjoy late-night.”

“Wife bought perfume today, so I pulled out her Valentine’s Day gift in spite.”

“I was craving a cookie, and this is what I found... I’m married to a monster!”

“My mom tried to make an Avatar cake for my sister’s Birthday. Absolutely gorgeous.”

“I was excited to have my first farm-fresh eggs from the hens we adopted from our neighbor, only to crack open this monstrosity.”

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That egg is freaking scary. No way in hêll I'm eating anything like that.


The phrase wore 'old' boots would be the reason.


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