20 Times People Learned the Precise Definition of a Bad Day

3 years ago

Sometimes, certain things happen to people that make us assume that they’re either really unlucky or that their level of carelessness is extremely high. These types of situations can make you feel like you truly ruined everything. But if you prefer to look on the bright side of things, you’ll simply laugh it off and remember to be more careful next time.

That’s why Bright Side compiled these images for you to see that we can all have “one of those days,” leaving us feeling like major failures.

1. “When you live in Svalbard, Norway, and forget to close the window to the home office...”

2. “The candle was super fragrant last night — and now I know why!”

3. “Gravity won. But I live to trip another day.”

4. “Someone’s nail got stuck in the elevator button.”

5. “When the shower door explodes during a shower”

6. “The cake I spent an hour making — at least I’m sure it’s not too dry.”

7. “I left my little brother alone with my computer.”

8. “2021 Dad of the Year: I told her to shower instead of rinsing her hair out, right after dying it.”

9. “Today, my girlfriend turns 23.”

10. “I asked the kids to check how many eggs we had left. ’We have plenty,’ they said.”

11. “We heard a crash in the middle of the night. I thought it was a thief but it was actually this...”

12. “So, how are your New Year’s resolutions coming?”

13. “He didn’t look where he was running while trying to steal some bleach wipes.”

14. “You can quickly and easily poach an egg in the microwave.”

15. “We had a little wind yesterday. Time to dig it out.”

16. “Left my flat just to send a birthday card, and when I got back, my key snapped off in the lock.”

17. “Used a little too much force when blowing out these candles...”

18. “This always happens.”

19. “Guess who’s not taking a shower tonight.”

20. “Just moved into a brand new house. I was halfway through hanging a shelf when everything fell off and shattered it.”

What things similar to these examples have happened to you? Share this article with your friends who you know might experience something like this.

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