A Taiwanese Artist Creates Short Stories With Unexpected Plot Twists

4 years ago

“Exciting. Funny. With some horror, but bright and charming,” this is how young writer and artist, Edd Lai, describes his work and the comics he’s been publishing for 6 months. His stories instantly catch readers who find his work while they’re in search of something different. In his illustrations, terror mixes with humor, and its main ingredient is a surprising ending, a completely unexpected plot twist. Writing is currently the way Lai makes a living. He has written some novels and scripts that were published in his native Taiwan, as well as 3 series of long-running comics for a Korean company.

In an exclusive interview for Bright Side, Lai commented that his main fount of inspiration is human complexity. He likes exploring the differences in people’s lives and discussing how each person’s point of view is based on what they believe to be true and in how they ignore other’s perspectives. We want to show you a selection of 11 of his comics so you can explore the work of this young artist and his peculiar world vision.

1. Team project

2. Knowledge is power

3. A photo

4. At the dentist

5. The cursed photograph

6. Surprise

7. With the lights off

8. A cup of coffee

9. A costume party

10. Angel

11. Dad or mom

His comics were originally published in Taiwanese and English, but they’re currently being translated into several languages, something that makes Edd Lai very proud and happy: “I have always felt committed to entertaining people from different cultures. Thanks to everyone who follows my stories.”

Which comic did you like the most? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section!

Preview photo credit eddlai608 / webtoons


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Those are very amusing! We will meet those experiences at least once in our lives. We all deserve funny moments to get a better life and eliminate stress!✌??

4 years ago
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4 years ago
Big Brother is watching you.

I love creepy stories, and such plot twists make them even better :D

4 years ago
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