10+ People Revealed the Moment They Knew Their Partner Was “The One”

6 months ago

People are sharing online about when they realized their partner was “the one.” Whether it was a shared glance, a memorable gesture, or a deep understanding, these stories show the different paths one can take to find their true love. These moments will bring out the romantic side in anyone.

  • We had only been dating for three months, so there was still some awkwardness here and there. I was working an outrageous amount, and I got a phone call that one of my very good friends had just died in a car accident. I don’t really remember walking there, but instead of my apartment, I ended up at hers. She opened the door to her new boyfriend half-ugly-sobbing.
    Instead of being (rightly) weirded out, she listened and cried with me for a couple hours.
    The friend who died was the one who had encouraged me (for like six months) to ask my now-wife out. My friend never knew the impact she had. My wife and I have been married for eight years now. © d_b_cooper / Reddit
  • The first time he met my family, we were at a lake house. I went to take my dog out in the yard and I unknowingly walked into a massive ground bee nest with my pup. They got in my dress/bathing suit and were all in my dog’s fur. I ran screaming into the house with my dog, both of us covered in bees, and brought dozens of bees into the house with me.
    He ripped all of the bees out of my dog’s fur, helped my mom take away the bees I brought into the house with me while I was literally running around screaming and ripping my clothes off. And then he retrieved my purse that I dropped near the nest, which had so many bees on it, you could barely see the actual material of my bag.
    That was one of the most terrifying moments of my life so far, but I remember being so shocked that someone I had not been dating that long was caring enough to face a ton of bees for me. © carolinevoncatsworth / Reddit
  • First road trip together. We stopped for food and I ordered multiple cheeseburgers. I was driving and without being asked she unwrapped and handed me my burger. As soon as one was done, she had another one ready. I realized then that some people are genuinely considerate and kind. © TheIcon42 / Reddit
  • My wife was my proctologist first. I remember going in for my first appointment and was just immediately embarrassed. I thought she was beautiful, and she was about to look at my misbehaving anal area. I immediately got anxious and told her I had to rebook the appointment and was red as a beet.
    She smiled and said no problem and I left. The itchiness and pain was too much so I went to a pharmacy and got some creams and then went home. I couldn’t stop thinking about her. I rebooked the appointment, went and paid the fee but told her I just wanted to ask her out for dinner. She said yes and I got a new proctologist. We’ve been married for 16 years. © Serial_Doubter / Reddit
  • He went on a three-day road trip with a friend, and I was in abject misery the entire time. I distinctly remember wandering into my kitchen, opening the fridge for the thousandth time that day, and just staring into it thinking, “What is wrong with me? Oh my god, I love him.”
    He got back from his trip at around 1:00 am, called me, and immediately got right back in his car and drove to my house. I confessed my realization, he said, “It’s about time!” and we’ve been together ever since. That was August ’99, and we married in October ’01. © Beardsforever / Reddit
  • He was kind to a homeless man. Knew his name, and the man knew his.
    We will be married 20 years next week. Friday night on our way home from dinner, waiting at a red light, a homeless man who has been frequenting the intersection did a little dance and flashed us the peace sign. My husband rolled down his window and handed his to-go box out to him. There was an untouched, beautiful hamburger in that to-go box, which he was looking very forward to eating later on. And I thought, twenty years later: “Perfect. He is still perfect.” © Unknown user / Reddit
  • She went to ’hop’ on the bed, miscalculated how springy it was, bounced off and got stuck between the bed and the bedside table. Upside-down, legs flailing in the air. She couldn’t free herself, and I was too incapacitated with laughter to help her for a good 5 minutes. © Merlord / Reddit
  • Growing up I didn’t have the best example of love as my parents fought a lot and weren’t very “lovey-dovey”, but when I met my biological father at the age of 16 he really set a standard.
    I remember sitting on his back patio with him and his wife, they were holding hands and just enjoying their evening, when he looked at her and said, “Have I told you I love you today?” She responded, “No, I don’t think so.” To which he said, “Oh, I will. By the end of the day, I’ll let you know.” It was simple but so cute (he later explained it was a twist on a movie quote, but one he always really liked). They did little things like that a lot, and I knew in that particular moment that I wanted that same treatment.
    Sure enough, one day my now husband and I were sitting together, just relaxing with a movie, and he says, “Have I told you how much I love you today?” I smiled and said, “No, not yet” and had tears in my eyes. He was, of course, confused, and I explained what had me so taken aback. I had never told him that story before. I knew right then that I didn’t want to spend my life with anyone else, I had found what I was looking for. © NicoleMitchell / Reddit
  • 4th date. She invites me up to her apartment. Upon entering, I am in awe that her Star Wars Lego collection was bigger than mine. I knew right then and there. © JezusChrizt / Reddit
  • I bungled the night by forgetting my wallet on a fairly expensive Italian dinner date. I was embarrassed and mortified. I just wanted to cut my losses and get home. I was really trying to impress her, and literally anything that could go wrong did. But to cap the night off, I forgot where I parked my car because I was flustered from everything that had gone wrong.
    After 20 minutes or so of me running around this parking garage, going level to level, running hand in hand, I could feel her glare and annoyment on the back of my neck. I could feel her quietly thinking, “Well, this was the worst date I’ve ever been on.” The humiliation finally overcame me and I stopped and turned around. Maybe to apologize profusely, I don’t know, still don’t know. I was preparing myself for that look on her face.
    She was smiling. She started to laugh. Not at me. But with me, without me. Almost inviting me to laugh with her about this poor guy’s luck. A large wave of relief washed over the dreadful evening. We stood there on level 2 of the Newport on the Levee parking garage just laughing.
    I knew at that precise moment that I wanted to marry her. 6 years later, we are married with two kids. © gregkiel / Reddit
  • About two months into dating, we’d gotten to the point where we would just visit each other’s apartments randomly. He comes over to visit, but unfortunately, I was stuck on the toilet with a UTI. Honestly, I felt like I had to pee all day and just could not leave the bathroom.
    I embarrassingly explained this to him through the bathroom door, and he says, “No problem, hold on a minute.” He slowly opens the door with his eyes closed, a stool in one hand and his laptop in another. He sets his laptop on the sink opposite me and the stool into my shower, which was divided from the toilet by a closet (so we could both see the laptop, but not each other.) Then he sat down, and we watched Happy Feet together while I was on the toilet the whole time. I nearly cried. © MiddleClassNoClass / Reddit
  • He took me to an outdoor concert when we hadn’t been dating long. It was a hot day, and I was dehydrated, so I passed out. He picked me up and carried me through the crowd to the first aid tent. I woke up while he was carrying me and realized that I had fallen in love with a superhero who would always be there to protect me. 5 years later, he’s immigrated to another country for me, and we’re happily married. © Puppymom1 / Reddit

Relationships often require sacrifice in order to be long-lasting. For some people, it means holding secrets from their partners to spare their feelings. A few folks decided to tell their “lies” online, and we recognize their good intentions.

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