What “Wednesday” Characters Would Look Like If Only Hollywood Stars Were in It

year ago

Wednesday made a splash in the media and won the hearts of millions around the world. In just a month since its release, it reached 1 billion hours watched, coming in third after Stranger Things and Squid Game. The Addams Family spin-off, directed by Tim Burton, has already been nominated for 2 Golden Globes, including Best Actress (Jenna Ortega). And we decided to use AI to find out what this series would look like with different actors.

Larissa Weems — Meryl Streep

Marilyn Thornhill — Zooey Deschanel

Valerie Kinbott — Blake Lively

Morticia Addams — Angelina Jolie

Gomez Addams — Antonio Banderas

Pugsley Addams — Gaten Matarazzo

Fester Addams — Jonah Hill

Donovan Galpin — Jason Statham

Enid Sinclair — Elle Fanning

Bianca Barclay — Zoë Kravitz

Xavier Thorpe — Tom Holland

Tyler Galpin — Timothée Chalamet

Wednesday Addams — Zendaya

What actors would you love to see in this series? Or do you think the original cast is perfect?


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I find this article more than a bit off-putting. Many of the actors in this show have been around for decades. They have been in A list movies and continue to shine in their productions. Why would we want to replace them? And what was the criteria for A list? Is it because they are traditionally better looking? All problematic. Can we have less of these topics?


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