Mom Told Lies About Me For Years, But Karma Finally Struck at a Family Gathering

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2 months ago

Sometimes, we don’t get along well with our moms. Not everyone has a super loving and caring mom, and that’s the case for our story today. A woman shared on Reddit about her annoying relationship with her mom. But, there’s a twist — her mom got a taste of her own medicine when she least expected it.

A woman turned to Reddit to talk about her feelings towards her mom.

A woman recently shared a story in one of the Reddit communities that stirred up a range of emotions among users. She started her post by expressing that her mother has always been a negative presence in her life. The woman went on to describe her experiences, saying, «She was literally cancer the 21 years I lived at home.»

She went on to tell more about her very complicated life with her dearest person, who gave her life. She wrote, «She made my life hell, and because of her I ended up so depressed and stressed out a lot, I was a bit overweight, and she always made fun of me for it. I could never hold down a job when I was younger, because of self-esteem issues and my depression, but I was constantly called lazy.»

Then the major event of the woman’s life happened and she could breathe freely. She shared, «At the age of 21 I moved out, I stayed with friends, worked on my mental and physical health, and for myself a decent job.»

Her self-esteem has significantly improved now. She shares, «I feel amazing now, four years later I have a great friend circle and a boyfriend who fully supports me in any way.»

She discovered her mother’s bad behavior and couldn’t control her feelings.

She continues her story, saying, «I have been in no contact with my mom for the last four years and some family I don’t talk to either, one of the reasons why is because they always took my mom’s side and believed her, because she made me out to be this demon child, but she had no idea how I could be as horrible as I was.»

The OP has a strong connection with certain family members who support her through it all. She revealed, «I only speak to my grandparents, who witnessed some things she did to me months before I moved and cut her off, they didn’t want to get into any drama in the family anyway. And a cousin who, being a witness to this when we were younger, was someone who I also stayed in contact with.»

The woman says that her mom’s lies were absolutely insane. She wrote, «Throughout those four years mom continued to lie about me, I kept putting on weight, I had no job, I was homeless, I tried breaking into her home multiple times, I had offended her, and so forth.»

One day, during a family gathering, tensions rose and things got difficult.

The woman went on to explain that there was a recent family event that was unforgettable for her and a valuable lesson for her mother. She wrote, «But just last month my grandfather reached out and told me that he had heard what my mom had been saying, and told me that they were doing a virtual family reunion in January, I should join in and prove everyone wrong.»

She adds, «My cousin also told me to sit somewhere in my house where my boyfriend would be because apparently I still couldn’t get a boyfriend.»

So the big day arrived, and the woman recalls it with a flood of emotions. She wrote, «I was 5 minutes late on purpose, and the look on people’s faces was hilarious, that’s when people started questioning my mom, and my mom ignored every question, and made up the excuse that I’d had some ’work’ done.»

The confrontation started immediately. The woman recalls, «That’s when I said no, this has been me for three years, all the news you were getting on me, was from the woman, who, like a lot of you I haven’t spoken to you in years, this woman lied, she has degraded me my whole life, and still does it, because that’s all she can do with her life.»

And at the end, there was a big «surprise» waiting for the woman’s mother.

She added, «That’s when my boyfriend walked into the kitchen and everyone freaked out more when I told them he was my boyfriend, and he gave a friendly wave in the background. My mom had a death stare going on.»

She revealed, «People started questioning my mom again, she didn’t answer anyone, and then said, ’I don’t need to answer anyone’ before she left on her end.»

The lesson was taken with a big pain from the mother’s side. The woman explained, «Later on I found out from my cousin who heard from her mom, that my mom had a full-on meltdown, because I dared to sit in there, and be all smug, and how I should have stayed away because now there are problems within the family, and it’s my fault.»

«But this only comes back to her being embarrassed and being called out on her lies.»

Family dynamics can indeed become incredibly complicated. Gwen, a reader of Bright Side, finds herself in a challenging relationship with her mother-in-law. Recently, things escalated when her mother-in-law gave her an insulting gift during her baby shower. You can read Gwen’s complete story here.


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