A Husband Refused to Help His Pregnant Wife and Said “My Mom Comes Before You”

6 months ago

woman who is six months pregnant asked her husband to be more present and help her prepare for their baby’s arrival. What her husband said next left her utterly shocked. Read her full story in our article.

What exactly happened?

My husband is a complete momma’s boy. He’ll call his mother for hours and talk to her and spend time with her more than he does with me.

I recently hit my 6-month mark in my pregnancy and asked my husband to help me get ready with all sorts of things for the baby. He said that it would interfere with time spent with his mom and replied that I needed him more right now. But he gave me an offended look and said, “You know my mom comes before you”? I was shocked but explained to him that we just needed to get ready with a few things here and there and that I wouldn’t need more help later in the week.

He just ignored me and went to his mom’s house. After a while, she called me and said “I won”, in a snarky voice and I just bit my tongue and said “Maybe I’ll win next time” and she hung up. I could hear my husband laughing in the background, and that just angered me for a while.

Our anniversary rolled around the corner a couple of weeks later, and I woke up, got my husband’s gift ready that day and cooked his favorite meal.

He came back from work, and I was upstairs in the bathroom and he left. I got all eager and happy that he was bringing some sort of surprise and waited in the living room. 30 minutes go by, and I call him saying where are you. He replies, “Oh, I’m at my mom’s house”.

I hung up the phone and minutes later I get a bunch of texts from them saying that I shouldn’t be jealous, and I should respect my mother-in-law.

People were shocked by this situation.

Netizens were mildly shocked by the behavior of the author’s husband, too. Some of them have said:

  • I stopped reading at “You know my mum comes before you.” Get out of that relationship and start collecting child support. Tiffany_Case / Reddit
  • It’s time to get a good divorce lawyer and look into getting primary custody, cause I have a feeling he would try to take the baby away from you so he and his mom can raise the baby together. Professional_Owl3326 / Reddit
  • You were robbing yourself and your child of the life you could have. Even if you never find someone else to love, you could have a life of being respected and treated as a worthy person and not be second-class in your own home. Hairy-Dark9213 / Reddit
  • Why are you married to this man? How long did you know him before you married him? Surely he behaved the same way. As long as she is alive, YOU will NEVER “win”. Almost like they used a surrogate to have a baby. Weird. Wishiwashome / Reddit

If you have the same problem you may try these:

Would be telling the husband since his mommy so much more important than he can stay with her and not return return until gets priorities straight. I would also be speaking to lawyers about seperating or divorce comsidering acting like his pregnant wife comes second to his mother. This will just keep happening, he puts mother ahead wife and than baby, to point of neglecting his duties as husband and father. Dude needs reality check that has responsibilities to his wife and child, before he kicked to the curb and paying child support and alimony, only seeing baby every once in while


If you realize that your husband is a momma’s boy and your mother-in-law insists on remaining the top person in her son’s life, psychologists suggest the following:

  • After identifying that your husband is closely attached to his mother, it’s essential to define acceptable behaviors and set boundaries. For instance, you might communicate that it’s acceptable for him to maintain regular contact with his mother as long as it doesn’t interfere with your shared time. However, you might express discomfort if he consistently seeks her advice or confides in her about issues that should be discussed between you both.
  • Acknowledge that your mother-in-law holds significant importance in your husband’s life, especially if he’s close to her. Building a positive relationship with her is essential. Consider seeking her advice occasionally to make her feel valued. Additionally, fostering a closer bond can involve regular dinners or visits to her home for better connections and understanding.
  • Similar to the concept of a mama’s boy, it might appear that your husband still has a deep emotional attachment and reliance on his mother, akin to a young boy. However, this is something that can be gradually transformed, but it’s important to take it slow. Being a mama’s boy isn’t entirely negative; it often fosters compassion and respect in him towards others.

Another woman shared a story that is even more terrible. Her MIL put a camera in their bedroom. Now she is investigating who else spied on her and for how long.

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