15 Times Reality Beat All Expectations

2 years ago

Shopping is unpredictable. Even when taking a box from a store, you can never be sure what will be inside in the end. As for online stores, you never know what you could possibly get — it could be something completely unexpected. And if this happens, you can either complain about the seller or the delivery service or laugh at this misfortune with other Internet users.

At Bright Side, we try to take each problem with a dose of humor, and we admire Internet users who are willing to share their epic fails with the entire world. And in the bonus section, we’ll tell you about some weird service and the main disappointment of adult life.

“Well, at least it’s the cheapest.”

  • It’s really nice. There is no bag, so it works like this: you stick a tissue to its bottom, the robot rides around and wipes all the dirt. © Ramh*** / Pikabu
  • You can tie a wet cloth to it, and let it follow it. © CongoSkiingClub / Pikabu

“I wanted to buy my wife a dress, and as a result, I bought a package for her.”

“They didn’t even try.”

“I just ordered a pizza for $20, and the toppings are in a separate box, not on the pizza.”

“I’ve been looking for my ’delivered’ packages for the past few days.”

“It turned out that they were delivered to my cardboard recycling bin, which was collected 2 days ago!”

“My partner paid a local cake maker and got me a really thoughtful gift this year.”

“I have low standards for boxed macarons, but this is too much.”

“I just wanted to get a cute donut for my daughter.”

“A friendly reminder not to buy anything from this flower shop”

“Please meet the unique style and bold production solution.”

“The most disappointingly-filled mince pies”

“Why even put broccoli on the packaging?”

“My friend ordered pizza. The reality exceeded all expectations.”

“This Spider-Man toothbrush holder I found”

“Santa, is that you?”

Bonus 1: “I didn’t think they’d do the arrow too!”

Bonus 2

What was your most disappointing purchase? Tell us in the comments below.

Preview photo credit Suzercita / Reddit


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