16 Pics Showing That Life With Family Is Always Unpredictable

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2 years ago

Despite being the people that we know best in this world, our family still somehow never ceases to amaze us. Whenever close relatives are gathered in one room, there is always an opportunity for a prank that triggers a state of utter confusion in everyone. Or being together can cause a revelation that can shock even the wisest member of the clan. Between all the laughs, surprises, and “aha moments,” it’s safe to say that life is much sweeter when your family is around.

Bright Side believes that the biggest thrills are always delivered by those who are the closest to us. We’ll share photos that can remind you there is always room for new discoveries in your family life.

1. ’’She was chilling here for over an hour.’’

2. ’’Our kid’s toilet is always clogged. We just discovered why.’’

3. ’’My 4-year-old daughter likes to sneak butter while I’m sleeping. This is a soap bar.’’

4. ’’My dad got each of us a calendar with just pictures of him.’’

5. ’’This was my Christmas gift to everyone in my family.’’

6. ’’We’re having a bridal shower at my house. This is where I found my dad.’’

7. ’’My 9-year-old left a really scary surprise for my wife.’’

8. ’’My 4-year-old wanted to ’cook dinner.’ She nearly burned the house down in the process.’’

9. ’’He was told to go into the car, and this is what he did.’’

10. ’’While my mother was cleaning our attic’’

11. ’’Came home and found this. I love my mom.’’

12. ’’Despite his canceled vacation, my dad couldn’t resist blowing his gift up.’’

13. ’’My 3-year-old took a bite out of the toilet paper roll.’’

14. ’’I found my dad recording a YouTube video on his phone playing from his iPad.’’

15. ’’So my aunt bought me an ’Easter bunny.’"

16. ’’My brother and my new photo pose.’’

Can you relate to some of these situations? Tell us a really surprising moment you had thanks to a family member.

Preview photo credit momtog/Reddit


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