18 Instances That Prove Renting an Apartment Can Be Really Tricky

2 years ago

Each of us has likely rented or leased an apartment or a house at least once. People can rent a living space for a long period of time or just a few days, and everyone remains happy as a rule. However, there are situations when everything goes wrong.

At Bright Side, we decided to have a look at the science of renting from both landlords’ and tenants’ points of view, and we sympathize with all of them.

“’We have an iron,’ the landlord said.”

“I’m really amazed by tenants. Why keep it secret that you broke the iron? It costs almost nothing. No, they decided to fix the iron bottom with stationery clear glue. Sure, the landlord wouldn’t be checking it when they’re moving out. Of course, as soon as I turned it on, the bottom fell off.”

An apartment with a 2-sided sunrise

“We were looking for an apartment to rent. It was a 1-bedroom apartment on the fifth floor with windows looking in opposite directions.
Me: The bedroom windows look to the east, right? Is the sun there in the morning?
Landlord: Yes, and the living room is sunny in both morning and evening.
Me: How come?
Landlord: When you move in, you’ll understand.
We moved in. Now it’s clear.”

“My friend’s fridge — the hole was made by a rat. Yes, a rat ate through her fridge.”

“And the landlord neither replaced the fridge nor dealt with the rat infestation.”

“This is the current state of my ceiling. I’ve been trying to get my landlord to sort it for 8 months.”

“I rented an apartment for a few days. There was a blanket hanging on the door. It seemed there was nothing wrong with it.”

“In reality, there was a ventilation hole under it.”

“I rented an apartment with the longest radiator possible.”

Client: “Do you have balconies on the ground floor?”
Developer: “Why not?”

“A friend of mine rented an apartment in Tel Aviv with a sea and cemetery view.”

“A friend’s dad is renting out a beautiful apartment for $1,000 a month and just described this as a ’private terrace.’”

“Not impressed with this apartment in Cardiff that cost $330 for one night with 3 people.”

“The letting agent refused to fix a dip in the ceiling for months and ignored our calls until the whole thing caved in just before Christmas.”

“I rented an apartment with air conditioning. And who said it should be working?”

“What some people down the road from my brother did to their house after they were kicked out for not paying rent for over half a year”

“We checked in to our rental place expecting a nice pool and sports court and found a dangerous construction site!”

“A guest left a hole in my wall.”

“Yummy! Anyone fancy dinner in our ’luxury’ $250/night Munich apartment?”

“My landlord has just put our thermostat in a cage.”

“At my rented apartment, there’s a mushroom growing out of the bathroom door.”

Did you have a similar renting experience? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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