15+ Masterpieces That Deserve a Place in an ’’Out of the Ordinary’’ Gallery

4 years ago

In the past, many talented people couldn’t become as famous as they deserved to be because they couldn’t show off their skills to a lot of people. But today, thanks to the internet, anyone can share their creations, and if they are really good, artists have every chance to become popular and well-known worldwide.

We at Bright Side are happy that our planet has so many talented people that don’t mind showing their masterpieces off to other users.

“My mother-in-law worked at a furniture store and she didn’t throw away the scrap pieces of fabric from the samples. It took us some time to figure out what to do with them and then this happened.”

The base is Styrofoam. We use a boxcutter to cut out the lines and then we insert the pieces of fabric. My wife chooses the fabric and I insert it. © scoff / Pikabu

“Finally finished this charcoal drawing, and wanted to share it with you guys. A month and a half, 120 hours, and I’m unreasonably happy with it.”

“First paper sculptures that I put in the baby’s room”

“Here’s something I’m proud of: a month of work, 3.7 miles of yarn, and I made this!”

“Safety glasses that I made for my wife’s optometry office”

Just a page from an artist’s sketchbook who loves nature

“Nobody will buy the cakes that I want to make, so I made this for myself.”

In order to avoid all the questions like, “Oh, what’s in it? Just mastic?” I’ll say that it doesn’t have any mastic at all. Only the picture is made of sugar on the side and the mushroom is made of puffed rice. © ShRee / Pikabu

“My daughter and I went to a store and she saw playdough. We bought it and just couldn’t stop.”

A girl from Moscow embroiders these masterpieces on tulle.

“My dog’s feet hurt, so I made special shoes for her.”

“If you have some leftover pieces of fabric, you can make these rock-like pillows.”

“Digital design, laser-cut into 10 layers of plywood, stained brown.”

“With Mother’s Day approaching, I thought it would be a great time to make my wife a handmade mother’s ring! Yes, I am Sauron.”

“This is an origami dragon from one large piece of paper. No cuts! It’s one of my favorite achievements.”

“My nature-inspired embroidery”

“I completed this paper cutting art after 3 days of hard work. No machine was used. With just the help of a precision knife, I have created this handmade paper cutting art.”

“Baked a geode cake for Thanksgiving!”

“There’s a reason why the black and yellow contrast is used on road signs. I used it to illustrate the fight for survival.”

Do you or people you know have talents that everyone should see? Share your pictures in the comment section below!

Preview photo credit ShRee / pikabu


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Dear god... I must learn how to embroider... Those pieces made me fall in love with the art once again :)


Origami sculptures... I love them. I once tried to learn but it was so difficult. You need really delicate hands which I do not have :p


"unreasonable happy".. UNREASONABLY?? This is just a pure masterpiece, and there are tons of reasons to be proud of this work

insane skill, really ?


all of these guys are extremely talented, it's a real pleasure to look at these :3


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