20+ Photos That Might Urge You to Clean Something Right Now

4 years ago

Almost all of us have some old things we just can’t throw away. Some people think they might need them someday, and others hope that sometime in the future, they’ll turn them into something beautiful. The people from our compilation decided not to wait but actually do something: some of them restored their back yards and others gave their old items new life.

While we at Bright Side were looking for examples of cool restorations, we had the urge to give new life to our old furniture. The people who shared their restoration experiences prove that anyone can do it as long as they put in enough time and effort.

“We’ve spent the entire year restoring our backyard. Not going to lie, it was pretty expensive!”

“Including clearance, garden furniture, a gazebo, a patio, a greenhouse, and a pond with its planting, we likely spent around $12,000.”

“I decided to polish this figure and the result was unexpected.”

“Before and after my marathon of a backyard project”

“I have a hobby: I buy Soviet watches in terrible condition and restore them.”

“A bit of an improvement”

“My wife bought this old junk and turned it into an Ikea-like cabinet.”

“I restored a classic guitar the best I could.”

“I just washed this table with pressured water.”

“This is how I changed the design of my bathroom.”

“The previous owner inherited a few of these but didn’t like cooking with them so he left them outside.”

“I counted 5 layers including navy, pink, and teal before it went back to normal.”

“Before and after — I’ve spent the last many weekends doing this project.”

“I finally got around to my bedroom door project — my personal spin on the Doors of Durin.”

“What I did to this old cabinet”

“The second life of an old Soviet toy truck”

“Before and after shots of our tiny backyard project”

“I’ve finally finished my restoration project!”

“It would’ve been easier to just buy a new stove but I decided to do this.”

“I saved $7,000 by resurfacing my pool myself!”

“Got this table for $5. Sanded off the old stain and put on some new legs.”

“A gorgeous $10 chair from the thrift store and a curtain for $2. The originality of this antique chair was beautiful but it really needed some love. Very pleased with my results!”

“I restored this watch.”

Do you now want to wash, clean, or restore something? Maybe you’ve already done something like this before and have your own photo story about your victory over dirt and time? If you do, share it with us!


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