17 People Shared Unique Finds They’re Unlikely to Forget

2 years ago

With the popularity of the internet, it seems that unusual finds don’t amaze us anymore. But there are situations that we can’t ever forget: a hawk that came right to someone’s balcony, a mushroom the size of a dog, and even a frog in a salad.

We at Bright Side encourage you to also share photos and stories of meetings and finds like these to make people’s jaws drop.

“I found the cutest little frog at the bottom of my romaine lettuce tonight”

“I went to the vet clinic. This is a dog.”

“Someone in my county set up a tree by her wildlife camera and caught these”

This artist painting directly on the frame

“Some kids in my neighborhood built a sweet snow pyramid.”

well .................... theres a present for christmas a giant snow cone


“Fairly large birch polypore from today’s walk. Chihuahua for scale.”

Corn that looks like an airplane

“This fox is resting on my balcony”

“Just found 6 pearls in an oyster. Gotta be a good sign for this year.”

“My wife found this little letter ‘A’ on my back. Turned out it was a letter from the label of my T-shirt.”

“Found this little cutie on my bed.”

“I’m almost certain it was on my dog so I gave him some tick medicine.”

“This crab I found that kind of sits under the surface tension of the water”

“So I finally watched Encanto.

“Red-tailed hawk chilled on my balcony for over 20 minutes this morning. Absolutely stunning!”

Kids’ toys

“I think I’ve met a Nike ambassador.”

“Saturn setting behind a mountain”

What amazing finds and encounters have you had in your life?

Preview photo credit SAM041287 / Reddit


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