13 People That Found Very Creative Solutions to Common Domestic Problems

3 years ago

Faced with everyday problems, there are times when one must choose to buy a new appliance, a tool to fix an existing one or pay for repair service. However, these ingenious people show us that any problem can be solved with a little creativity and objects that can be found at home. If you don’t believe it’s possible, just take a look at our compilation and think again. We’re sure you’ll find some really cool tips to solve everyday problems.

Bright Side wants to share these clever tricks that are so ingenious, they made us want to try them right away.

1. This is how you cut your own hair without making a huge mess.

2. And that’s how you give your broom a new lease on life.

3. “I always use the container lid of the dip as a little plate for the chips.”

4. “Hate fumbling for your keys in your cluttered/tight pockets during cold weather? Wear the keyring on your finger and put the glove over the top for quick and easy access!”

5. “When your dishwasher door decides to open randomly and parts to fix it will arrive in 10 business days”

6. “This is how I secured my apartment door so nobody can get in.”

7. How to avoid Christmas lights getting tangled up:

8. A tip for drawing fans

9. “Get 4 rubber bands and you prevent your hard drive from slipping and falling again.”

10. Using bathtub curtain hooks to hang Christmas lights is always a good idea. Just don’t do it in the bathroom!

11. If your dog doesn’t like the snow, save a grassy area for them by covering it!

12. “Use a clip to prevent your hand towels from slipping off and falling on the floor.”

13. “So the bottles will no longer roll freely in your shopping cart. You’re welcome!”

Do you have any cool inventions or ideas to solve common problems? How did you come up with them?


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