What 12 Actors Look Like Through the Eyes of Their Wives and Friends

10 months ago

Modern movies are full of attractive heroes who are incredibly charismatic. Many of them become the focus of both men and women’s dreams for many years. But more often than not, their image on the big screen has very little to do with the actual personalities of these actors.

1. Jason Momoa

The American actor with Hawaiian origin, Jason Momoa, is often seen in movies as a man with a scary look and a stern face. Everyone knows him from his role as a powerful warrior on Game of Thrones and as the main character in Aquaman.

But in real life, Jason Momoa is completely opposite of what he appears to be on-screen. This super tall guy always smiles because he is constantly in a great mood. He is a family man who loves his wife and children. And his Instagram posts will definitely make anyone feel good. This is why his colleagues adore him.

2. Jamie Dornan

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Women know Irish actor Jamie Dornan from his role in Fifty Shades of Grey. He is one of the very few people who doesn’t use social media and tries to hide his private life from other people. Jamie explains his attitude like this: the more open a person is, the more active haters are.

Aside from his acting career, he is very successful in the modeling business: Jamie often appears in commercials for companies like Hugo Boss, Dior, and Calvin Klein. But his favorite ways to spend his free time is by being with his children and playing golf. He says that the most fun for him is just being a parent. Currently, he and his wife are expecting another child.

3. Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy looks like the guy who is always on the edge, constantly in danger and in trouble. But Tom has changed dramatically since the moment he started a family. And now you can see him in his usual image only on-screen.

It’s also well known that Tom is good friends with Leonardo DiCaprio. They constantly make ridiculous bets and get into funny situations. If you add in his love for dogs and bikes, you get a perfect image of a kind guy.

4. Jude Law

The role of the Pope in The Young Pope only highlights the charm and attractiveness of English actor Jude Law. Now, he is 46 years old and he continues to impress women every time he appears on the movie screen, any tv-series, or theater show.

In real life, Jude is a very popular man. Even though he has 5 children from different women, he is still a bachelor and he spends all his time working. Jude has a lot in common with the characters he portrays. He dresses in trendy clothes and regularly breaks women’s hearts, disappearing from women’s lives.

5. Jake Gyllenhaal

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Despite the fact Jake has been called the most handsome man on the planet, he is still a bachelor, probably the most attractive among the Hollywood stars. He is 42 years old, he has never been married, and he doesn’t have any children. But he is the godfather of Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams’ child.

A short time ago, he did a Calvin Klein commercial where he played the role of a great father who looked at his little daughter and hugged his beautiful wife. Obviously, he looked great in this role but we have no idea why Jake still hasn’t managed to find a woman he would like to marry.

6. Tom Hiddleston

Tom Hiddleston looks and behaves in such an aristocratic manner on the screen that he has been called the sexiest man in the movie industry several times. Years ago, his relationship with the famous Taylor Swift ended and since then, he has been doing a great job hiding information about his personal life.

He considers himself to be a loyal feminist and he spends a lot of his time on charity. His love for children makes him devote a lot of time to helping others. In his life, Tom is also known as an intelligent man with a great sense of humor. He is also a great dancer.

7. James Franco

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We are used to seeing James Franco on-screen but he has a lot of other talents that he doesn’t talk a lot about. For example, James writes essays and articles for different magazines, and he is seriously into music. Also, he often gives lectures about films and acting, most of which are free.

James really loves the internet and he is famous for his online communication with his female fans. His online flirting has been the reason for many scandals in the actor’s life. Aside from that, James also loves taking selfies — most of them are very provocative but this hobby was not received well by the public so the actor had to delete his accounts from social media.

8. Chris Hemsworth

It’s really hard to imagine a Marvel blockbuster without Chris Hemsworth. However, in real life, Chris is nothing like the single superhero who saves the universe. The actor is married to the beautiful Elsa Pataky, and they have 3 children together.

Chris is a fan of fitness and living a healthy lifestyle. This hobby comes in handy in his line of work because the roles of superheroes he plays require great physical preparation. When he has free time, the actor develops his own smartphone app that will help users live a healthy lifestyle and play sports effectively.

9. Kit Harington

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Very soon, we will see one of the main Game of Thrones characters, Jon Snow, portrayed by Kit Harington. The actor hasn’t starred in many movies yet because he started his career only in 2011. But he is making great progress.

The actor was born in an aristocratic family so he tries to live by original British traditions. For example, he lives in a 15th-century mansion and he celebrated his wedding in a 12th-century castle. He also loves football and does a lot of charity work. This is a huge part of Kit’s life.

10. Leonardo DiCaprio

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It’s impossible to imagine the film industry without Leonardo DiCaprio. Despite the fact that he’s been acting since 1989, he still can’t get used to all the attention from his fans and the paparazzi. You will never see the actor without camouflage in the street: he always covers his face with glasses, a baseball cap, or a hood.

Leo may try to fix his personal life, but he doesn’t have a serious relationship even though he is already 44 years old. Leonardo is trying to use his popularity for a good cause. He takes part in different charity projects to attract attention to ecological problems. Even when he received his long-awaited Oscar, Leo drew attention to environmental issues rather than himself.

11. Ryan Gosling

We will never forget the amazing role Ryan Gosling played in The Notebook. He was a romantic man who loved only one woman in that movie. After the film, Ryan couldn’t shake off that image but everything changed after he met his true love, Eva Mendes. We learned that Ryan is a caring father and a loving husband and his roles have become way more serious since then.

After they had children, both actors slowed down the pace of their lives, and hide their children and their lives from other people. Just like many other guys in Hollywood, Ryan does charity work and is developing his own business, a restaurant.

12. Bradley Cooper

After his epic Grammy performance, Bradley Cooper is no longer just a nice actor. Now we know he’s also a talented musician, singer, and director. Bradley always smiles on-screen and this is probably the only thing that is similar between Bradley and his characters. His colleagues said that in real life, he is not as confident.

Even though Bradley Cooper is not married officially, the entire world knows that he found his love — Irina Shayk. The couple even has a daughter together. Bradley is happy to be a father and now he has something more important in his life than his job.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s gift of a friendship ring to Kate Winslet has sparked intrigue among fans. While the two actors have shared undeniable on-screen chemistry since their “Titanic” days, Winslet has clarified that their relationship has always been platonic. The ring, a symbol of their enduring friendship, contains a secret engraving, which Winslet playfully keeps private. Their genuine camaraderie continues to inspire and captivate audiences worldwide.

Please note: This article was updated in April 2023 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.


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Ryan Gosling is a dream man, of course! Handsome, romantic and a great father ?


Anybody, who takes care of orphans, gives money for charity and tries to save the planet is a dream PERSON! :)


I started liking Tom Hiddleston from the Thor movies, and appears to be he is just as cool in real life, as he is in films :)


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