8 Situations That Prove Moms’ and Dads’ Parenting Styles Are Way Different

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2 years ago

Parents often have different attitudes toward upbringing: moms might get really worried and dads remain calm and vice versa, when moms are strong, dads might give in and be weak. The most important thing is to always keep your child interested.

We at Bright Side drew some cool pictures that illustrate moms and dads with their children and in the bonus, we’ll show you different reactions from different people to parenting.

How they show the world

Cleaning with mom and dad is very different

Parents understand games differently

Dads are calm and moms panic

Dads need support when they go to doctors with kids

Packing for a trip is a job for mothers, and entertainment for fathers

When putting a baby to sleep, moms can do a lot of things, and dads just get scared

Moms make food, dads want a part of it

Bonus: How others see parents

Do you have stories or photos that illustrate how differently parents treat upbringing?

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When I was a kid I played dendy with my dad, and he gave me one controller that wasn't plugged it, sat next to me with the one plugged in and played. I thought I played with him too 😂😂


don't agree about doctors, my dad was always the one supporting me!


yep, when you se more than 2+ missed calls from your mom you know she will be mad 🤣


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