12 Situations That Prove Some Stereotypes About Relationships Actually Make Sense

2 years ago

We’ve always grinned and taken our grannies’ words of advice, like “Listen to your heart,” “Be generous with kind words,” and “Choose a man with hands of gold,” with a grain of salt. However, when we grew up, it turned out that most of those pieces of advice were valid. They’re not as boring as we once thought and reflect the wisdom of past generations. However, people tend to understand this only with time.

The Bright Side authors recalled the advice of our grannies and decided to draw comics that can colorfully illustrate the well-known phrase, “Life is not all clear sailing in calm waters.”

1. “You can’t cheat your heart. Listen to it.”

2. “Look for a man with hands of gold.”

3. “Make a savings account.”

4. “Be generous with kind words.”

5. “If there is no reason for jealousy, it’s silly to feel jealous; when the reason is there, it’s too late to do anything about it.”

6. “Love means respect. You need to respect the person next to you.”

7. “Choose a generous partner.”

8. “Happiness loves silence.”

9. “Relationships are a compromise. You need to learn to listen not only to yourself.”

10. “Sometimes it’s better not to say anything.”

11. “Don’t rush to adapt and please everyone around you.”

12. “Don’t try to change him.”

What wise pieces of advice did your grannies share with you?

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#9 reminded me of a situation between me and my gf. At one point she also made me eat all this "grass" 😥


The sweetest thing between male and female romance and attention


The girl in 1...... She keeps making decisions for her friend. Why doesnt she just marry the rich guy instead?


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