If a Man Does These 12 Things, His Love for You Will Never End

8 months ago

Relationships are definitely not as simple as they look in Hollywood movies. An amorous look, butterflies in the stomach, a pure heart — it’s more about amorousness than love. Everyone wants to find a person whose feelings will last across time.

Today Bright Side describes situations that characterize not just an enamored guy but a man who is truly in love.

12. He keeps promises.

11. He respects your family and friends.

10. He doesn’t get jealous but instead feels proud to share his life with such a beautiful woman.

9. He prefers spending time with you rather than constantly hanging out with friends.

8. He’ll stay and listen to you if you’re really upset.

7. He asks you before deciding on next steps.

6. He accepts all your little flaws.

5. He prefers to make plans for the future together.

4. He takes care of your health.

3. He supports you in whatever you want to do if it makes you happy.

2. He makes your wishes come true.

1. He remembers every little thing you say.

Illustrated by Natalia Kulakova for Bright Side


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