21 Girls Who Weren’t Afraid of Change and Became Completely Different Women

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2 years ago

Every once in a while, you need a little push to get that makeover you’ve always wanted, no matter how small it may be. Going to the salon and asking for that new hair color or haircut that we like when we don’t know if it’ll look good on us takes a lot of courage, and the users online know it. That’s why, by sharing their experience, they remind us that experimenting sometimes brings very good results.

At Bright Side, we want to show you the magical impact that a small change, like a haircut or new hair color, can have on our look.

1. “’I will try every color, EXCEPT BLACK,’ — well, I changed my mind.”

2. “Finally shaved my head!”

3. “I’m happy with a big change.”

4. “Bangs or no bangs?”

5. “Went from (grown out) pixie to a buzz cut.”

6. “Went with a shoulder-length bob with shorter bangs”

7. “Before and after, I’m in love with the new cut.”

8. “I’ve decided to dye my hair a bright, reddish ginger.”

9. “I’ve been stressing out about my hair loss for months now... finally built up the courage to shave it all off! Feeling good!”

10. “Had the big chop today after growing my hair out for 7 years. Feeling fresh!”

11. “I dyed my hair.”

12. “After months of debating, I finally went for the shaggy chop and bangs.”

13. “Year 2 of 4 of growing my hair out for a Sailor Jupiter cosplay I have planned, and my hair has never been this healthy.”

14. “Went brunette today after 6 years. So not used to it...”

15. “Feels so great to have gotten rid of so much hair and I had the best stylist ever!”

16. “Got a big chop!”

17. “I love my new hair color! Before and after! Thank you guys for your help!”

18. “Well, here goes 12 inches off my head!”

19. “Got the cut! It feels sooo good!!”

20. “I’ve always ’known’ my face was too fat for a short haircut. but I fell in love with a picture of short hair and couldn’t get my mind off it.”

“Brought it to my stylist, and here’s what happened!”

21. “Took Reddit’s advice, chopped some hair off, and went darker.”

What’s the makeover you’ve always wanted to do? Tell us about it!

Preview photo credit sunbathingturtle207 / Reddit


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