Young Woman Whose Hips TRIPLED in Size After 8 Kids Gets a Jaw-Dropping Transformation

9 months ago

’’I was left looking like a boat and feel like jelly,’’ this is how Rubi describes her body after giving birth to her eight children. The young woman explains how her ’’normal’’ body shape totally transformed which left her feeling ’’embarrassed.’’

Her body started to change after her fourth baby.

At 39 years old, Rubi has eight children, five girls and three boys. She was diagnosed with Adipose Hypertrophy, a rare genetic condition that causes an excessive growth of fat cells, thereby limiting the circulation of toxins in the bloodstream.

According to Rubi, she made several attempts to regain her pre-pregnancy figure, but all of her efforts had failed. She recalls, ’’Before my first three pregnancies my body was normal.’’ But she explains that things totally shifted after her fourth pregnancy, saying ’’I wouldn’t lose weight from my thigh area no matter how much exercising I would do, my hips stayed the same.’’

Rubi describes her body as ’’skinny up top’’. But she says, ’’My hips feel like Jell-O, they feel very wiggly when I squeeze them, they move all over the place.’’ She added, ’’It’s a really weird feeling.’’

It really affected the way she felt about herself.

As time passed, Rubi’s self-esteem plummeted, and the idea of getting married with her boyfriend of almost 10 years and wearing a wedding gown became overwhelming for her. She admitted, ’’I feel so embarrassed about my thighs.’’

The mom of eight noted, ’’Trying to find clothes to wear is frustrating, when I try a dress on I look like a boat.’’

During her lowest point, Rubi attempted to conceal her body shape behind the till at her workplace. However, her self-esteem was further diminished when a customer made an unpleasant comment about her size.

She’s a new woman now.

Consequently, Rubi took matters into her own hands and underwent liposuction on both hips followed by a procedure to remove excess skin. The surgery removed an impressive four liters of fat, and she was pleased with the results so much so that she began to plan her wedding.

Today, Rubi is over the moon with her transformation. Her daughter Juliana noted, ’’She has been a completely different person. She’s wearing fitted jeans, tighter shirts. She looks amazing and I can tell that she’s glowing more.’’

This beautiful mother is thriving more than ever and feels comfortable in her own skin which is a life-changing feeling. She shared, ’’Before I could never think about even seeing myself in a dress and now, after 10 years with my boyfriend, I am finally getting married.’’

Sarah Nicole is another mother who got honest about the changes she went through after giving birth to her four children, and her journey proves that a woman’s body is beautiful in all its stages.

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I can't imagine how she must have felt but I'm so happy for her that she has been able to get the help that she wanted. I'm glad she feels like she can move forward with her life now and enjoy the time she has been missing.


How do you have 8 kids with a guy and then marry him? Shouldn't it be the other way around?? If my guy didn't marry me while I was pregnant with my first one he would be out the door so fast!!


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