A Mom Finds Her Daughter Stuck to the Wall While Watching TV

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11 months ago

The real-life “Spider-Girl” has undoubtedly captured the hearts of social media users with her gravity-defying stunts and endearing innocence. This incredible 8-year-old girl from Pingtan Island, located off southeastern China’s Fujian province, has an unusual hobby that has left netizens awestruck — she watches television while effortlessly sticking to the ceiling.

The girl’s astonishing feat was discovered by her mother through living room surveillance footage, leading to a flurry of excitement and curiosity across the online community. The video was posted on July 9 by the girl’s mother, who goes by the username @juan56008 on Douyin (China’s version of TikTok), and it showcases the young “heroine” casually climbing up the corner of 2 walls from the sofa before calmly resting against the ceiling.

How? And why is their not a video showing that this is supposedly true? Curious as to your response.


In a seemingly gravity-defying position, she crosses her arms and enjoys her favorite TV shows from an entirely new perspective. The most fascinating part about this is that her family members continue to watch television nonchalantly, seemingly unbothered by her “special powers.”

The revelation of this young girl’s superhero alter ego was as surprising to her family as it was to those online. According to her mother, no one knew about her incredible talent until she stumbled upon the surveillance footage.

“I am curious about how she got up and down. Today I saw how she got up and down with my own eyes.” It appears that the girl has always had a bit of a daredevil streak, and her abilities have finally come to light, thrilling audiences across the mainland.

As news of this real-life comic-book hero spread like wildfire across the internet, many online observers chimed in with their theories about her extraordinary feat. One person suggested that her ability could be attributed to the fact that children generally weigh less, and tiled walls offer more grip, making it easier for her to climb and stick to the surface. Moreover, being from a coastal city with a humid climate, some speculated that the girl’s stickiness might be a result of environmental factors.

As the online community continues to cheer on this young superhero, the world eagerly awaits to see what other feats she may accomplish in the future. People like her literally know how to boost our mood while scrolling online, uniting people in awe and admiration across the virtual world.


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