15 Photos That Will Stuff Your Eyes With the Wonders of Our World

2 years ago

The world is filled with way more than just 7 wonders. From lightning in the shape of a heart to a toe with its own toe and nail, people come across astounding sights every day. Fortunately, these rare events are often shared online for others to enjoy.

Bright Side now gives you access to curiosities you don’t always get to see, all for your scrolling pleasure.

1. “Lightning I’ve photographed.”

2. “For a cis woman, I have exceedingly strong sideburns.”

3. “A toe with its own toe, complete with its own nail.”

4. “A bee completely covered in pollen that I found in the garden today.”

5. “A T-Rex foot bone vs the forearm of a 6’6” person."

6. “There’s a patch on my leg that doesn’t get goosebumps.”

7. “It’s a bear cloud.”

8. “There’s a sunflower growing from my neighbor’s gutter.”

9. “The beautiful tail on this lizard I saw.”

10. “I work in a coal mine and the coal dust does not stick to the scar on my wrist.”

11. “This carrot I got at Tesco looks like a sassy pair of legs.”

12. “A massive bald eagle feather I found.”

13. “I think the squirrels in my backyard are just casually mocking me at this point.”

14. “Woke up this morning to find a loose hair from my head had knotted itself to my arm hair.”

15. “Had to wear a splint on my broken finger for so long that the bend line at the joint disappeared.”

Do you have any extraordinary anatomical features? What’s the most fascinating natural phenomenon you’ve witnessed lately? Let your greatest tales and photos live on in the comments!

Preview photo credit vainamoinens-scythe / Reddit


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I noticed number 10 when I was working in the yard, I wonder why this happens


I love number 7, looks really nice and seems to be quite easy to take care of.. I might get one for some color in my dark room 👌


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