19 Foods That Have Nothing to Do With the Originals

3 years ago

“Anyone can cook, but only the fearless can be great.” This is the quote from the animated movie Ratatouille. But according to the cakes, cookies, and other dishes shown in this article, cooking is definitely not for everyone. Unpleasant surprises can await you even in the packaging because you may find something other than tasty goodness in there.

At Bright Side, we believe that if the heroes of this article would’ve tried a little harder, they would’ve done just fine. You will also find a bonus at the end — a story showing that even professionals have bad days.

A “Lucky shamrock” donut: Expectation vs Reality

“The cake I asked for vs. The cake I received”

There’s something very wrong with this clown.

“When you ask them to write ‘Thank You’ on a giant cookie...”

Sandwiching sandwiches in the sandwicher. Expectation vs. Reality

“God bless my sister, she tried her best.”

“I am disappointed.”

“I ordered Cha siu bao from my local Chinese restaurant to go.”

Poor Clyde

“It was my friend’s birthday yesterday and I tried really hard.”

Not exactly what we hoped for.

“Ok. Ok. Ok. Damn it.”

“Not quite as clean, but good first attempt.”

Find 5 differences.

You’ve gotta be kidding?

“I’ve never cried harder in my life.”

Maybe it’s the angle?

“This looks like a before and after.”

“I wanted to cook my wife a fancy meal for her birthday, so I started with a slow-cooked homemade chicken stock. After simmering for hours, the recipe said to pour it through a strainer. Gosh dammit.”

Bonus: “I got married a couple of weeks ago and ordered a gorgeous 3-tiered wedding cake. What arrived was the opposite of gorgeous.”

Have you had similar experiences? Will you dare to show them to us?

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For the one that says "I am disappointed" they probably didn't put baking weights in the little metal cups. That would have prevented the overflow of dough.


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