20 Bathrooms That Went From Being Boring to Stealing the Show in a Split Second

2 years ago

The bathroom is not a place we pay much attention to unless we’re stunned by a design that is out of all rationale, or we find extravagant and comical elements in there. There are people whose bizarre creativity manages to reach all the way into the most intimate room of the house, and we’re still wondering whether that’s good or bad. In any case, we’re sure none of these bathrooms will leave you feeling indifferent.

Bright Side discovered several images that are clear examples that the bathroom, public or private, can be as crazy a place as any other.

1. “In the bathroom of a local shop”

2. “I noticed that butterflies appear on my bathroom mirror when it gets steamy. Then they disappear.”

3. “I usually hate pool bathrooms, but this...”

Well, you literally CAN'T hate this bathroom!


4. “In this hotel, you can’t turn the bathroom lights on once you’ve opened the sliding door.”

5. “My roommate got this shower curtain for the communal bathroom.”

6. If you can wash both of your hands at the same time here, you’re a genius.

7. “This bathroom I used today has a column in front of the urinals.”

8. “Reflective tile on the ceiling is a FANTASTIC idea in a large shopping center bathroom!”

9. “This bathroom has lights to indicate vacancy.”

10. “The only bathroom mirror anyone needs...”

11. Privacy is a concept that some bathroom designers don’t really understand.

12. “Our (her) bathroom — I’m sure there are worse out there.”

13. “My girlfriend’s new socks match our bathroom rug!”

14. “Found this bathroom sign in a shop earlier this week. I like to think this is what would appear in Amnesty Lodge.”

15. “My bathroom window looks like a painting.”

16. “Got a complaint at work about ’very loud crickets’ in the bathroom...”

17. “Couldn’t find my pot to cook spaghetti and sauce for my girlfriend and her family...till I looked in my roommate’s bathroom.”

18. “Found this in the bathroom at a local tattoo parlor.”

19. “In this bathroom, 2 can watch.”

20. “Went to change the toilet paper in my boyfriend’s bathroom...”

What things or designs that defy all logic have you seen in a bathroom?

Preview photo credit cedarvan / Reddit, Emojipedia.org


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