18 People Whose Self-Awareness Decided to Take a Vacation

3 years ago

Our brain likes to play tricks on us with the help of cognitive biases. For example, the Baader—Meinhof phenomenon is one of them, where it seems that recently learned information is chasing us and we start to perceive it as a “sign.” Taking into account all the existing biases, it’s not surprising that each of us has ever had difficulties with attentiveness. Thus, entering a room and forgetting what we wanted, speaking on the phone while thinking we’ve lost it, or going to work in slippers are one of a few examples that can happen to us.

We at Bright Side try to not miss anything, but still, some of the absent-minded things that the characters of our article experienced have taken place in our lives as well.

“I didn’t notice that the door to my bedroom wasn’t shut properly. At night I woke up to terrible sounds with the thought that a monster was swarming just under the ceiling. When I turned on the flashlight, I saw this!”

“I was about to pour myself a drink when I realized that 2 of my ice cubes were actually pizza rolls.”

“I do calligraphy. I misplaced the circled in character, which is part of a 300-word scroll that I almost finished after 5 days of work.”

“Just realized I went into the bank and the grocery store like this.”

“Accidentally pushed broil instead of bake.”

“Soaking my hands in milk to help cut through the chili oil from prepping jalapeños. No, I didn’t wear gloves. Yes, I’m a fool.”

“So I forgot to pack my gym shoes.”

“I guess this is why I shouldn’t put my coffee next to my paint water.”

“So my mother learned that you can boil an unopened can of condensed milk to make a caramel. The first few times it worked great, this last time she fell asleep while it was boiling.”

“Took the pill while half asleep and later saw this.”

“Just got home after a month out to find the water running in the bathtub.”

“That filled up fast!” -my wife

The woman put the mug upside down and the coffee is pouring onto its bottom.

“Someone didn’t put the lid on the paint.”

“We only ate pancakes on special occasions. Today we found out that the syrup we had been using expired 7 years ago.”

“Just finished braiding my hair when I found this strand on the back of my neck.”

“My friend and I were watching a horror movie. Whenever a creepy scene appeared, I would hide my face on my friend’s shoulder. Turns out, I forgot to remove my makeup. Now, look what we’ve got.”

“I somehow forgot to put water in the cup before microwaving the ramen. Now my house smells disgusting.”

“After my 17th near-heart-attack, I realized that I really needed to move my lamp.”

What was the most epic situation you experienced that happened while you were barely paying attention?

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that coffee gif just reminded me of my mornings, when I'm so sleepy I forget to even pour some water in my mug and sometimes drink coffee powder as it is 🤣🤣


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