17 Parents of Naughty Children Who Prefer to Laugh Up a Storm

Being a parent is a big job, and although it is not easy, it also has moments that make up for all that effort. Even when children are naughty, they can often bring a smile to your face with their witticisms.

At Bright Side, we wanted to take a moment to appreciate some innocent gags parents shared.

1. “The 4-year-old got to choose his own dinner. It smells EXACTLY how you think it does.”

2. “Stupid moments”

3. “My kid was casting spells at random people at Lowes today.”

4. “My brother’s 3-year-old daughter showed him this in her play microwave. He didn’t remember the last time they had spaghetti for dinner.”

5. “The joy of working with children. You look away for 5 seconds to set up an activity, and they bite the tip of a marker off.”

6. “Letter to management from my 6-year-old son.”

7. “Honestly stunned that this worked.”

8. “Thanks, little one”

9. “My kid had a grand first day of preschool.”

10. “My kid left a note for me in the fridge.”

11. “My kid insisted on making me a small sandwich.”

12. “My daughter likes to play dress-up with her auntie’s dog, Honey.”

13. “My kid made an Earthquake Detection Kit.”

14. “My younger cousin managed to destroy my Apple pencil and blamed it on me.”

15. “Day 1 of summer vacation. This is my kid ’folding her clothes’ for the last hour.”

16. “My daughter’s terrifying self-portrait in kindergarten.”

17. “My 8-year-old cousin wanted to play the game so hard, I told him it’s an adult’s game. He ran away with it, and here is the result.”

What has been the greatest mischief done by a child you know?

Preview photo credit SpeakEasyChef / Reddit


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