16 People Share Their Most Embarrassing Dates That Taught Them a Lesson

2 years ago

Whether it’s a first date or you have been seeing the person for a while, we cannot deny the importance of these tête-à-tête meetups. Usually, we expect these rendezvous to be exciting, fun, and most of all romantic, but once in a blue moon, a date can be awkward and embarrassing or even turn into a complete fiasco.

At Bright Side, we have gathered stories about some not-so-fortunate romantic encounters. They might have been mortifying at the time, but at least they have turned into fascinating tales to remember.






Our first date was going really well. Then she asked me to pass the water. I thought it would be funny to hold it over her head. And then my hand slipped, and I actually did pour the whole jug of water on her head. Everyone was laughing at us. That was the last time I saw her. ©stephenstephen7/Reddit




  • I took this girl to the surf club where I work. A call for a rescue goes off. I pull this guy from the water and start doing CPR on him. She then asked me if I was gay or bi and I explained to her what CPR was and that I was trying to save a life. She wasn’t buying it. CompletelyFlammable/Reddit




  • During our first date, he takes a call from a girl and he says to her ’’I’m just in the pub with my roommates.’’ He hangs up and says, ’’that was my fiancée, just one I’m with for her visa. She also lives with me. And we’re getting married in 3 weeks.’’ I decided to leave, and he then said to me, ’’Do you want to help me buy groceries first?’’ © claireinthesnow/Reddit


  • We went to see a late-night show. It ended at 2 a.m. We didn’t have a car or money for a taxi so we walked back to her house. We collapsed on her bed and fell asleep. Hours later her dad shook me awake and demanded to know who I was. When he found out I was studying chemistry in college he started questioning me about thermodynamics© ThadisJones/Reddit



  • We went back to my place for the first time, and started kissing. Suddenly, my nose started bleeding and was dripping on her upper lip. I was horrified, and tried to wipe it off, but smeared it instead. She was polite, but quickly left. Somehow we’ve been together almost 10 years now. © T412E/Reddit



  • After dating for only 2 months he wanted to present me to his parents and show me his childhood home. It was a disaster. His entire family was there. Some traveled from hours away. He lied to them and even said that we were engaged. I spent the entire afternoon brainstorming wedding ideas and planning an Alaskan honeymoon. We were far from home and I had no way to leave. Finally, when we got back, I got in my car and left. © andandandetc/Reddit

Which one of these dates was the most shocking to you? Have you ever had a similar embarrassing romantic story? Share it with us in the comments!

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